Tigray Government appeals to UN over outside interference in war and genocide

Two letters have been sent to the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, signed by the President of Tigray, Debretsion Gebremichael.


2021-11-29 14-59






  1. The risk of genocide at the concentration camps is extremely, extremely high. No one, no one can blame to lack of knowledge hereafter. The whole world community knows that Tigrians are well prepared by Abiy Ahmed for the upcoming genocide. The raw material is there and he will give order at the last hour. They will be scarified simply because we the world did not do enough to stop it. What is Biden doing, where is the voice of the European leaders, where are the major media channels in Europe and the USA? As usual they will react after thousands have been murdered in cold blood.

  2. The world is no more in an orderly manner. The notion observed nowadays is the fittest will survive. Big powers are more aligned to their interests than humanity and international laws. No justice to the vulnerable and no justifiable action against real atrocity committers. This is a real treat to the globe on the way!

  3. Genocide continued in Tigray for more than a year and sadly happening at the foot steps of the UN and the int’l community. All Tigrayans are either put in concentration camps or treated as a stateless people in own country.
    I am an expat consultant supporting UN missions but will become a stateless soon when my contract ends. Many of my colleagues working as expats are facing the same man-made challenge.

    Why UN silence this long! #UNSCActNow

  4. The UN should investigate further the genocide and sexual atrocities TPLF is committing against Amhara and Afar people. It is so sad the aggressor acting as a victim. TPLF should have thought about what they are getting in to themselves before attacking the ENDF. And then they were given a second chance to reverse the grave mistake they made and take advantage of the second chance they were given for a ceasefire instead they called it “a joke” and took the war to the neighboring Amhara and Afar region. Now no amount of crocodile tears will save these savages from paying for their atrocities!

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