Tigray: “Breaking News from the central command of Tigray Army”

Source: DW
33,000+ soldiers of “fascist Abiy Ahmed” were neutralized in the course of the 10 day counter offensive of operation Alula Abanega.
The wide offensive that started in the morning of 23/06/21 as a continuation of operation Alula Abanega, has succeeded in destroying 20000+ soldiers consisting of 23rd, 24th, 25th, divisions as well as 1 brigade 2nd battalion of the 12th division, remnants of 31st division, Amhara special forces and Fano unts brought from Amhara region to  join the army.
Moreover 1st commando brigade, which mobilized from Sululta in the direction of Lalibela and Sekota, Amhara Special Forces and Fano got attacked by heroic army; some died, remaining dispersed. 18,300+ soldiers were killed & 2,655 + were captured.
Weapons captured: 11 (122mm) cannon; 6(120mm) mortars; 35 (82mm) mortars; 6 Zu-23; 3 (107mm) rockets; 81 Dshk; 330 Bren; thousands of snipers & rifles; 338 comm radios; 247 military vehicles
Weapons destroyed: 6 cannons; 3 (107 mm) rockets; 3 Zu-23; 59 military vehicles
Generally during the 10 day operation Alula, which started on 18/06/21, 28,300 soldiers were killed & 6,011 were captured – i.e. 33,000+ were neutralized.
Weapons captured: 25 (122 mm) cannons; 6 (102 mm) rockets; 13 (120 mm) mortars; 16 Zu-23; 142 Dshk; 630 Bren; thousands of snipers & rifles; 391 military vehicles; 747 comm radios.
Weapons destroyed: 6 cannons; 6 Zu-23; 4 (107 mm) rockets & 88 vehicles.
The 4 day non-stop fighting has transformed the struggle to elevated levels.
“Army of fascist Abiy Ahmed,  unable to withstand the lightning offensives of our gallant army, is fleeing from the whole of Tigray.
“From now onwards, we have transitioned into a chaptered where we are able to do whatever we want wherever we want. Our operations will inevitably continue until our national dignity and freedom is secure.
“Breaking News from the central command of Tigray Army”, Dimtsi Weyane, 29/06/21

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  1. There should be negotiations involving all parties to seek peaceful way out of the conflicts before further destruction.

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