1. Engender Dereje,
      you want to engender poverty which you loved and liked during the Amhara regim. I remeber Addis and bahir Dar during those days some 40 years ago. The whole country smelled toilets and there were no roads att all. The people were extremily povershed for except privilaged Amharas like you. This is what you want, this is what you have been dreaming off for the people of Ethiopia.

  1. This is how it goes when the Gonder Amharas and Abiy steer, down and down and down to hell. It will take another 50 years for Ethiopia to revive to where it was for five to sex years ago. When the TPLF (whose politics was reprsive though much much better than now) came to power 1991, Ethiopia was under the regime of the Amharas and it was the literally the poorest and the least developed nation in the world. To mention one, Ethiopia had only 100 000 fixed lines.

  2. One can only imagine what goes through Tedros Adhanom’s mind—the head of WHO for he led the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a number of years. If Tedros in fact saw Ethiopia standing tall and shinning among nations, precisely because he had stood on the shoulder of a giant—the late Seyoum Mesfin who had rendered the nation earn a respect through a diplomatic finesse augmented with trust and principled integrity. That stellar standing however had to start from somewhere—-a strong foreign policy and respectable standing among nations is anchored on a strong economy. Strong foreign policy and strong economy are two faces of the same coin so to speak when the reverse also holds true . What’s more, Ethiopia had to transform itself from a poster of a skinny toddler to a power to reckon with when her economy was in a fast track trajectory that had sustained for over a decade. Tragically, the success story had to come to a screeching halt when a small man set out to destroy a big country. Abiy Ahmed the charlatan and con-artist extraordinaire is not done yet when the closure of a dozen embassies is a single stone in a pile of rubbles.

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