The Eritrean resistance on the state of Eritrean troops inside Tigray

Arbi Harnet (the Freedom Friday network of the underground resistance) is receiving information from inside Eritrea that many soldiers being deployed in Tigray to take part in the war they consider as being instigated by Abiy Ahmed and Issias Afworki, have no understanding of the situation or the objectives of their engagement.

However, in the lead up to the war and since they were constantly told of a lot of hate against Woyanie (TPLF) and this has unfortunately been accepted by some members of the force and they are now perpetrating atrocities against the public.

Following the international outcry against the atrocities in Tigray, Eritrean soldiers have been instructed to not attack anyone who is not carrying arms.

In addition in recent days, the army may be issued with the uniforms of the Ethiopian Federal Army, as a lot of uniforms were seen being delivered to areas where the Eritrean soldiers are deployed currently.

Our sources have also spoken about serious differences among senior leaders in the Eritrean army in Tigray.

They contend that they are not very sure what these differences are about, but they suspect it is either due to the atrocities that have caused an international outcry, or the high number of casualties.

Meanwhile, over 26 Eritrean refugees who have been forcefully abducted from their camp, have been seen in prisons in Adi Abeyto and Maisirwa.

Our sources have been able to get the names of seven out of the over 26 refugees:

Mr. Memhir Tesfu (representative of the Refugees in Hitsats Refugee Camp in Tigray)
Mr. Anbes Kibrom
Mr. Samson Michael
Mr. Risom Gebru
Ms. Senait Haile (Gual Qeshi)
Mr. Samuel Yossief

Our sources call on all Eritreans inside and outside Eritrea to understand the direction things are progressing to and fight the regime in unity.

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