The battle for President Biden’s support in Ethiopia

A US based organisation which tracks lobbying activities reports that two groups have enlisted public relations firms to work for their cause.

“A former congressman from Florida and an Ethiopian-American advocacy group in northern Virginia have joined the growing chorus of voices lobbying for US action as violence continues to ravage Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region.

Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) is lobbying on “support for US humanitarian assistance to Ethiopia” via Black Diamond Strategies on behalf of JM International, a real estate development and petroleum distribution company based in northern Virginia. Black Diamond’s registration was effective Dec. 16 but was only made public today.

Meanwhile the Tigray Center for Information and Communication, a humanitarian group based in Alexandria, Virginia, has hired policy and advocacy consulting firm Von Batten-Montague-York to help with its mission of securing aid for the Tigray region and convince the Joe Biden administration to keep the pressure on the government in Addis Ababa to end hostilities and withdraw.”


  1. Biden stands for just and equality. He has been so all his life and he has made it clear to the world in his inaugural speech: ‘ This is not a win for me alone, but a win for equality and justice all over the world ‘. No matter what grade they have, no lobby group can change his mind about the genocide on-going on Tigre people and the other human right atrocities perpetrated on majority of Ethiopians – the long marginalized peoples!
    This lobby thing must be a joke!

    • This is not a game, but thousands of innocent people losing their precious lives by a genocide, millions dying of starvation in Tigre region and million others whose basic human right is trampled upon in all over Ethiopia.

    • This is stopping an autocrat – Isaias – busy with eradicating a whole ethnicity from the face of the earth to create his hegemony on all East Africa: A first precedence for all of Africa that can’t be allowed!: Prevention is easier than cure!

    • This is giving a chance to hundreds of millions of very poor people, in the East African Arena, for a life in equality and justice, life with out a fear, life with a better hope for one’s offspring’s, hope for many lost hearty-ambitions; a precious basic human right deprived them for so long by consecutive autocrates and their supporting foreign forces in pursuit of their misplaced interests

    • This is returning peace and stability to an important region of the world – the East-African-Arena – whose peoples’ exisistance is threatened, right this minute, by pudding international forces who don’t give a damn about the local population, but create enmity among them on the basis of religion and the likes, in order to fulfill their crooked interests.

    • This is protection of US national security itself as equality and justice all over the world is its pre-requisite – the pillars of democracy.
    Above are few points of the importance of stopping the criminal acts of Abiy and Isaias. The rest, I leave for the democracy upholding politicians who foresee what is coming in the future. But I wonder….
    I wonder, monitory wise, how much is above equivalent to – in dollars! I mean how much are these lobby groups paid to stop the above historical obligations of USA?

    We – Tigre People Friends, upholders of a UNITED FEDERAL ETHIOPIA based on democracy – are sure ( beyond any doubt ) that PRISEDENT BEIDEN will be true to himself and AMERICA will fulfill its obligation as the VANGUARDS OF DEMOCRACY.

    A Somali-Ethiopian, A federalism upholder and a friend of Tigre people.

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    1. It is so sad to see who is hiring these firms with the money stolen from poor Ethiopian people the last 27 years by TPLF in billions now its been used to hire lobbyist based on wrong information . All measure news media agency supposed to take fact before put out wrong information by TPLF agents and there interest groups who wants to see the suffering of Ethiopian governments to restore low and order . Tigrians people are getting help from Ethiopian governments and international organizations but , who is still making travel by making pocket resistance here and there after binge completely destroy is TPLF . I am hoping international community will open there eyes and see all the facts and take proper stapes before making Ethiopia another Libya or Beirut .

    2. Sorry. Misread the article as if Abiy was hiring lobby groups to get support from Biden. My mistake.
      Any way, my above comment is what I would have said had the autocrat Abiy and his puppeteers – the so called amara-elite – ever tried to interfere the US support for stopping the genocide on Tigre people.

  2. Look at your comment as it is a hate speech blaming ethnic group that shows you are racist . You are trying to blame on falls information Prime minster Abiy supporters are Amhara elites ? While Ethiopia is made out of 84 ethnic groups and they all pretty much support the changed in progress except you tigrian supporter of TPLF . Who killed thousands Amhara by selecting there ethnicity in Maycadra ? TPLF members which the evidence has been proof by human right groups . Where are those genocide murderers ? They flee to Sudan and pretend as innocent civilians who sick a refuge status . Who started the war on Ethiopians defense force in Tigray who were protecting Tigrians on the front ? Tigrians militia organized by TPLF separatist front . All the facts are out there but you TPLF supporters are keep on lying to the world by using the money you stole from Ethiopian people as influence .

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