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The Eritrean government’s program of mandatory and indefinite national conscription traps its population in forced labor for long stretches of their adult lives. Yet foreign businesses and institutions continue to bolster the government and its system of modern slavery through their investments.

Not enough attention has been given to the abuses happening in Eritrea, and public awareness is low.

That’s why, to get a full picture of what’s happening, we’re inviting you to join @FreedomUnitedHQ’s upcoming webinar next Thursday, October 1 at 4PM UK time (11AM ET).

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You’ll hear two experts with first-hand experience in Eritrea speak on the ongoing problem of modern slavery in the country:

⭐️  Habte Hagos, Eritrean founder of Eritrea Focus, an association of NGOs, human rights organizations, exile and refugee groups, and individuals working to expose human rights abuses in Eritrea.

⭐️  Martin Plaut, former BBC World Service Africa Editor and author of “Understanding Eritrea.”

The conversation will cover the origins of the Eritrean National Service program, the extent of forced conscription and forced labor in the country, and how international actors can help stop it by divesting.

We hope you’ll join @FreedomUnitedHQ on October 1 to learn more about the shocking reality of modern slavery in Eritrea—and why their campaign is so important.

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