Statement on Tigray by the G7 leaders at the 2021 summit

This statement, released by US President Biden, includes the following paragraph:

“54. We are deeply concerned by the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region and reports of an unfolding major humanitarian tragedy, including potentially hundreds of thousands in famine conditions. We condemn ongoing atrocities, including widespread sexual violence, and we welcome the ongoing Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) investigations and call for full accountability for reported human rights violations in Tigray and for the perpetrators to be brought to justice. We call for an immediate cessation of hostilities, unimpeded humanitarian access to all areas and the immediate withdrawal of Eritrean forces. We urge all parties to pursue a credible political process, which is the only solution to the crisis. We further call upon Ethiopia’s leaders to advance a broader inclusive political process to foster national reconciliation and consensus toward a future based on respect for the human and political rights of all Ethiopians.”


  1. Eritrea solders fully deployed in Oromiyaa and open war aganist Oromoo people by name of Shane OLF.
    OLF killed 70 Erirtean mercenary and captureed many Eritrean. Southern Oromiyaa regions they are burndown farmers home and start eveing rapening women and Children. Amboo Abuna Gindebarate doing exactly the same. Walaga Horoo Gudure 27 Erirtean have been killed by OLF. Oromiyaa on the mess and i think world community must watch closely. Oromiyaa is not Small population. 60 miliyoon peoole will be evicted very soon . All East Africa or for Europe it could be disaster if Abiy Ajhmmed and Isayas Afawarki wont eliminated . f

  2. If you are waiting for the Ethiopian Government to get into their senses and wait for their cooperation. Good luck, we are waiting for complete annihilation of our people, and we at the round table are equally responsible for this disaster. BKM as we quickly contained the Kosovo’s massacres, we should act now.
    Thank you so much.

  3. As Eritrean American this is personal and it affects my day to day life, horrific. The situation in Tigrai has been getting worst from time to time. It needs an immediate interventions of the United Nation’s community. Personal highly support the Eritrean forces withdrawal and start all parties political solution process.
    Thank you everyone for using the platform to bring the Tigrai’s horrific situations the attention of the International communities.

  4. “We are deeply concerned “…they’ve been saying this for the last 5 months while civilians die from starvation. Justice exists only for the rich and powerful. If TDF can’t decisively defeat Sha’ebia, Isayas’ “game over” bark will be realized.

  5. I can’t believe once again they are calling the perpetrators to stop the war. The USA and the world community know well they wouldn’t stop, they are doing it knowingly to crash the Tigrayans. I hate to say it, but the Tigray people can only save themselves. Tigray will win, the people of Tigray will previle.

  6. You know what the world is seeing the condition same as yesterday and before yesterday. Nothing has changed. why don’t the world go directly in to action and stop all the evil things happening to the people of Tigray.

  7. Yet, they are saying “we call, we are deeply concerned etc… “. How come this could a response to genocidal war and deliberate famine?? Plenty of limb services and other statements have been broadcasted on the previous 7 months and now is not a time of deeply concerned and the likes, rather it is a time for real action against the ongoing
    massacre, civilian mass shooting, cluster and chemical bombings, rape and hunger used as weapons of war.

    #TigrayGenocide is stoppable if the int’l community acts as fast as possible unless millions will die and massacre.

  8. The statement the G7-countries issued on Tigray Crisis after their summit is welcomed. Nonetheless, this is not enough neither to halt the war nor ensure a safe access for aid workers, unless serious actions are taken on the ground to change the situation in.

    The current situation in Tigray is similar to that occurred in Kosovo between 1998 and 1999. Then the World community used force to stop the conflict in Kosovo and they brought latter the perpetrators to justice. If African lives matter truly, the World must take a similar action to stop the war atrocities committed by the invaliding Amahara, Ethiopian and Eritrean forces on innocent people of Tigray.

    In the Kosovo crisis, Yugoslavia did not invite foreign forces to fight the war against Kosovo Albanians. Whereas in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian government invited the Eritrean and other foreign forces to invade Tigray and collectively punish the people of Tigray because the went to election to elect their own leaders. When the Ethiopian government decided to invite foreign forces to fight against its own people in Tigray, the government is not only internationalizing the conflict, but also draws the whole region into dangerous security risk and political instabilities. This implies that the conflict in Tigray is internationalized and it needs to receive international attention. On other words, an immediate interference of international community and the UN Security council is required to bring peace in the region. Therefore, we call for urgent intervention of international community and the UN Security council to forcefully evict the Amhara, Ethiopian, Eritrean and other foreign forces from Tigray (1) to stop genocidal crimes committed by these forces and; (2) to ensure a safe access for humanitarian aids in Tigray.

    Furthermore, all Eritreans must stand on the side of people of Tigray and condemn (1) the war atrocities committed by Eritrean tropes in Tigray, and (2) the intervention of the Eritrean government in the war in Tigray, Oromia, Bensangul Gumuz and etc.

    Victory to the people of Tigray!!! ትግሪይ ፡ ትዕወች !!!!

  9. I suggest G7 Tigray Crisis also applied in the same action Oromia region and investigate more and action !

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