Statement from the Nobel Prize Committee on Ethiopia

Statement from Olav Njølstad on behalf of the Norwegian Nobel Committee:

“The Norwegian Nobel Committee follows the developments in Ethiopia closely, and is deeply concerned. It repeats today what it has stated before, namely that it is the responsibility of all the involved parties to end the escalating violence and to solve disagreements and conflicts by peaceful means.”

From the Times

The Nobel peace prize committee has made a rare interjection in Ethiopia’s bloody slide into civil war amid criticism that it was too hasty to honour the country’s prime minister.

Hundreds have died in a military offensive and atrocities since Abiy Ahmed, 44, declared war on the rulers of the dissident Tigray region two weeks ago for defying his authority.

Mr Abiy, last year’s Nobel peace prizewinner, has spurned international pleas for dialogue and de-escalation in the conflict, which threatens the stability of the fragile Horn of Africa and, some fear, ethnic cleansing.

Africa’s youngest leader told the UN and other partners that he would not sit down with rebellious leaders from Tigray until it had restored the rule of law. Regional analysts have said that Mr Abiy’s ambitions to crush dissent in the ancient kingdom are unrealistic.

A deadline for regional rulers to surrender has now expired, setting the scene for fierce fighting as the government troops push on Mekelle, Tigray’s hilly capital, which is heavily defended by regional forces and loyal militia groups.

More than 27,000 refugees, most of them children, have spilt across Tigray’s border into Sudan, which is struggling to maintain its own shaky peace following last year’s historic revolution. An unwieldy regional conflict now looks unavoidable after Tigrayan forces launched rocket strikes on sites in neighbouring Eritrea.

Today the UN refugee agence warned of a “full-scale humanitarian crisis” unfolding in Ethiopia, with 4,000 people a day, mostly children, fleeing the fighting in Tigray.

The Nobel committee credited Mr Abiy for ending Ethiopia’s protracted border war with Eritrea, a closed military state.

“The Norwegian Nobel Committee follows the developments in Ethiopia closely, and is deeply concerned,” read a statement from the five-member committee, which rarely expresses views about the actions of past Nobel laureates. It called on all parties “to end the escalating violence and to solve disagreements and conflicts by peaceful means.”

The prime minister claimed last week that federal forces had “liberated” western Tigray, where targets were pounded by government warplanes. But with phone and internet connections cut off, reporting is patchy.

Both sides in the conflict have been accused of war crimes, including a massacre reported by Amnesty International in which scores of civilians were said to have been hacked to death, possibly by pro-Tigray militia groups.

The bad blood between Mr Abiy and the restive Tigrayans dates back to his rise to power in 2018 when he ushered in a blizzard of reforms resulting in the region’s rulers being sidelined. Matters came to a head after the region pressed ahead with its own elections, in defiance of a delay ordered by the federal government, and said it no longer recognised Mr Abiy as a legitimate leader.The prime minister’s resort to war has helped to unleash longstanding tensions in Ethiopia, which has more than 80 ethnolinguistic groups, and prompted warnings of potential ethnic cleansing and even genocide.

The Nobel peace committee has been criticised for rushing its honours in the past, including to the former American president Barack Obama, who was given the honour nine months after taking office in 2009.

Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese leader, won it in 1991 when she was under house arrest. She was later criticised for failing to stop the persecution of the Rohingya Muslim minority. Mr Abiy had been prime minister for 18 months when he was honoured for his peace-making skills.


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    Who would keep quite if their national army is slaughtered over night hundreds. The world may not understand it but he is doing what is right… This is not a little thing to settle and sit and talk about it is against the sovereignty of the country. And he had been patient for 2 years to resolve the issue from this “group of few” they were killing in rebellion many all around the world because they cane down from Power… So hope you will leave him alone and help him if you can cuz he is trying to restore peace there is no true democracy with out rule of law… If only you had known how much he and entire Ethiopian perole have waited to resolve all with peace.
    For more information on against whom this whole thing is check this out:
    thank you

    1. Thanks for the comment. I fully agree with you. Abiy is not the aggressor here but the TPLF. He is the man of peace in this situation. He is being supported by almost all Ethiopians. By the way, I am from Tigray.

    2. Thank you for that.

      Judging is easy for the world
      But we ethiopian know the truth
      We support our prime minister dr abiy Ahmed

    3. A leader doesn’t declare war on its own citizens especially using a foreign help, he can justify this anyway he wants but it’s still wrong. The Nobel committee were indeed rushed in their decision, there were so many conflicts were brewing even at the time Abiy was given the Nobel. The war that hasn’t broken out now isn’t a one night blow up. Moreover, his close friendship with the Eritrean dictator, despite the outcrys of Eritrean people tells you everything you need to know about Abiy. The Nobel prize should be rescinded among many things that should follow.

      1. Abiy is issayas’s puppet. I think Issayas is calling the strategy shots, here.
        He started the last war against Ethiopia during the 9/11 confusion… and now he launched this one amid the 2020 election fraud melee in the USA.
        These people are the end time 666. I kid you not.

        If anyone is Christian reading this, brace yourselves for the tribulation period worldwide starting now that they’re taking over the USA.
        Joining the new world order under Marxism/ communism/social democracy … whatever they call it … joining and willingly working for and with it is … RECEIVING THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

        Stay LOYAL TO JESUS… FULLY … to the death, if it comes to that.

  2. I wonder how the Nobel committee understand the betrayal of Tigray TPLF forces brutal acts on North Federal regiment acts and rule of law

  3. Dear editor thank you for the information. As peace loving leader Mr Abye deserve the Nobel prise and he is still working in that direction. TPLF and its leaders are responsible for all di-stablization in Ethiopia. Specially for the past two and half years they were behind every conflect through out the country. Conflicts in Somali, Oromya, Southern Ethiopia and other parts of the country directly backed and supported by this organisation. He was patient in all this till two weeks back they killed almost all solders in northern Command, at midnight in well organized way while they were in their bed. They decler war againist Ethiopia and its people so as leader he must defend his country. He is there to his people.

  4. Oh! I am sorry for the decision of the committee’s rush to award every year with a noble title to a new warlord! Humantrian corridor is closed, deplomatic missions traped under bombardment and communication is cut off. Could we say that act as if any international convention is repected let alone domestic issue. We are warrying the civilian rights and very concerned the ongoing irrespinsibilty that pushes the country to civil war

  5. Ethiopia is a sovereign country whom never been bothered and never will by such influences like fake peace loving vagabonds .the whole nations of Ethiopia has been dying to have peace for more than 3 decades under those psychopath juntas of Tigrai .Dr abiy has been really patient to wait for those as they were killing and toreing apart Ethiopia for the last three years after they flee to their today’s shrine. Nowadays one thing Is for sure He is a legend and a true leader no matter what you say may God bless and protect our beloved Ethiopia and its nations Amen .

  6. Tigrians clique has been abused the country more than 27 yers, and they were every damn thing..On the Other hand all the people will never accept less than ethnic gederalism…
    And those the war front runners (Amhara) could dictate what kind of system that we want

  7. Abiy’s novel peace prize was very hasty and people of Tigray will not excuse it ! Abiy must come to justice and the award should be pulled back

  8. Abiy has begged them much while we the people of Ethiopia backbiting him that he feared tplf. It was also difficult to keep law and order in other region because Tigrey is above the law and others complain as they are marginalized/double- standared.
    And lastly tricking and brutally attacking the national defense force.
    Albert Nobel himself will do the same as Abiy if he were in his shoes.
    May be this action will help Ethiopia for sustainable peace and economical development . ካልደፈረሰ አይጠራም እንዲሉ።

  9. The Noble peace prize winner is doing nothing wrong, but is trying to ensure that rule of law is maintained in all corners of the country. What is,happening in Tigray is to bring very few tyrant TPLF leadership to justice for unaccounted atrocities and crime against humanity they committed for 3 decades across,the country.

  10. Mr Abiy is an old fashioned and extremely looking for to be `A King`. He works tirelessly to eliminate any one who is a potential competitor of him. By any means, he wants to see himself as the only leader by jailing and killing potential party leaders. In the early periods of his reign, He tried to pretend as if he is democratic and peace making leader, until he strengthens his military power. Right after he made sure that the military aparatus was carefully filled with his loyal Generals, he completely turned to dictatorship overnight. He never ever believes in `negotiations`, as the world have seen him denying tabled negotiations with Oppositions (OLF, OFC, TPLF). There is clear evidence that `fear of loss of power` is the main reason of why he denied negotiations. All opposition leaders have calling for negotiations to save this country and to help in transition period. But he wanted one-man leadership, while the fact on the ground shows that `Effective Transition` needs participation of all political leaders who have major support from the citizens, which Mr Abiy doesnt possess now. By thend of the day, Mr Abiy is surely taking us (Ethiopians) to hell.

  11. I support Dr abiy, he is a real peace maker. The operation end soon and we all Ethiopian’s stand together to build our nation. Sorry for who lost their life in this path.

  12. The worest is yet to hapen. Oromia region have been under military comand post since Aby came to pawer. Millions of oromo peope, poletical figures are arrested & siting in jail with out cort charge for long time. Mass killings, raping by government soldier, has been a daily rutine in oromia, sidama and welayta.
    Main disagreement is ideological differents. Pm Aby & his supporters want to dismantle multi national federalizm by changing constitution & restore unitarian & centeralized rule.

  13. Abiy is the one who try to bring last long peace and democracy in the entire horn of Africa. i think he deserved not only the last year nobel peace prize but also the coming so many years if the award given more than one time. By the way there is zero chance the conflict turn to civil war its just bringging ever one under the rule of law.

  14. among the criteria’s he acquired the prize was his effort to make peace between Ethiopia and Eretria. But, after 5months the 2 governments spoiled people to people relation and increase the relationship of Abi and Isays. Where is the peace ?

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