Report that two divisions of Eritrean troops are being withdrawn from Tigray – Arbi Harnet

The underground network in Eritrea, Arbi Harnet or “Freedom Friday” reports it has been in contact with Eritrean troops in Tigray.

The soldiers say that two Eritrean divisions – the 57th and 16th – are being pulled out of Tigray. They are in a convoy heading for Adwa, according to information this morning (Wednesday 2nd).

They say that the troops are returning home and that their places are being taken by the Ethiopian Federal army.

We await further details.



  1. I dont think if this information is correct . Thousand’s of Erortea Army heading to Oromiyaa . They are start killing west Oromiyaa just like what they did to Tigray and start raping womem as well. World must watch closely. Erirtean Army are destroying Ethiopia . Ethiopia no army any more . They are destroy in Tigray and Wallaga by Oromo libration front .

  2. Arbi Harnet is as good as 03.

    It is the second time, Martin, that your London sources have been misleading you. A month or so ago you have been claiming that the Isaias regime is planning unity with Ethiopia. You even added that outlandish claim that 150 thousand Eritrean troops will be lead by Ethiopian generals, with Eritrean generals finally sidelined. The reality happens to be the other way round.

    And now you are informing us the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from a dubious organization dead set to ‘save’ Eritrea.

    Try, at least, to doublecheck your info before you post it.

    1. obviously, even if the story is true, its only 2 divisions of its Eritrea’s >10 in Tigray, and Eritrea will still hold (annex?) the whole northern Tigray with nearly the same forces in place now. 

      Obviously, the Ethiopian ENDF has collapsed as a fighting force given that massive Eritrean troops/weapons were recently moved into Oromia and Gondar by Sudan boarder b/c ENDF cannot fight OLA & Sudan.  Eritrea/ENDF is just playing a (rapidly losing) game of musical chairs and ‘whack-a-mole’.

  3. TDF are defeating shaebia forces and sooner or later as General Tsadikan said, Shaebia forces have three choices, to return to Eritrea, to immigrate outside Tigray with the help of TDF or to die in Tigray. The choice is theirs and time will tell. Fascist Issayas will finally be buried like Gedafi and it is a matter of time. The reason is we are fighting because we were invaded in our homeland.

  4. • Some 70 years back to the un resolution to stay in federation with Ethiopia, no Eritrean party or group was able to claim independence. Then the UN decided.
    • After some ten years of the UN decision to reunite in federation with Ethiopia, emperor H/silassie of Ethiopia rejected and fully controlled the then Eritrea to Ethiopia. Non of you or your fathers were able to stop him or asked for the people to vote. That was Haile’s decision.
    • After being denied the federation by the king, some fugitive officials left to Egypt and take Egypts assignment to destabilize Ethiopia with a so called cover name of Eritrean independence. Which was Egypt’s decision.
    • After 30 years bitter fighting the optimum point of the bitter fighting was reached. Ethiopia has been defeated. But none of the then fighters were interested to claim independent. They were pushed to allow the people to vote by the then woyane leaders. Which was tplf’s decision
    • After 30 years forced independent, Eritreans are fighting with the Tigray people and its TPLF who was pushed them to be independent, To have their own country, Their own Eritrea! to assure the reunification with the 100 year old Ethiopia. Waiting an other decision from Ethiopia.
    • The youngest nation in Africa next to south Sudan, but home of the great people in the east Africa is loosing its everything due to the lack of wise and sustainable decisions of its children.
    • Now Eritreans are waiting the Ethiopian invitation to compose their country for nothing.
    Any ways, Have a nice independent day!!

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