Report: “Hundreds of Somali troops used as cannon-fodder in Ethiopia’s Tigray War”

Source: Somalia Guardian

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These screenshots gives the story.




  1. impressive reports are emerging here and there and they all have something in common :Tigrean Forces endured a huge and massive forces for over 2 months . Amhara miilitia, Abiy forces from almost every province in Ethiopia, dead country, Eritrean paid mercenaries bought and imported to Tigray, UAE drones and its employees smuggled to Tigray. All are smashed to the ground by Deki hars Nebri and ado anabist , Tigray! I am proud to be Tigrean.

    Glory to our Martyrs and leaders who are courageously fighting our eternal enemies!

  2. We, Somalis, where ever we are from #tigreans are our brothers. We wish #tigrepeople all the good things we wish for ourselves. What is reported here is a surprise. It is clear that it is one man’s doing – the budding autocrat FARMAJO. The young men made fodder were abducted by him and handed to #isias. Nothing stays under carpet for long in our culture. And we have that unique justice – an eye for an eye. The blood of those youth is on FARMAJO and their kins will avenge them definitly!
    One thing we need from all the internationals. Please do a follow up on this articles report. We don’t want a tarnish on our general name and full report will help us get the responsible down fast.

    In addition to these …
    We somali- ethiopians have the utmost gratitude for #tigrepeople;#tplf lifted the weight of colonialism from our shoulders. That is in our heart forever!

    We fully stand by the #tigrepeople!!!

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