President Isaias up to his old tricks: first he takes your children, then your money

Often President Isaias has taken the money of Eritrean families and their children – through “National Service.”

Evidence has emerged of yet another call for cash. This time it is in the German city of Frankfurt.

Eritreans are being “asked” to donate at least EU 200 per person.

As the Eritrean who posted this on Twitter said:

“My brother just found this his front door mailbox.
@ZREDeV in Frankfurt is asking for a min. 200 € from 🇪🇷|n households to “save Eritrea” (ክተት money) Doesn’t the regime has money in excess to finance its military adventures.

Re: @ZREDeV the relevant authorities should be informed”

After the greeting the note makes reference to the fact that it is not in the nature of Eritreans anywhere to ignore the plight/hunger of fellow Eritreans. The note ask for a minimum donation of 200 Euro.

This will – of course – be on top of the 2% tax that is extorted with menaces from every Eritrean in the diaspora.


    1. isayas is good for eritreans he sent them abroad and let them enjoy burger while eritrea is not able to grow neither wheat nor rice but rats and porcupines.

  1. Nothing wrong to ask help from its own people look all neighbouring countries they all get aid from international community they can not survive with out aid but Eritrean government so strong never get aid from the westerns like neighbouring countries so I really admire the government for surviving with out any aid and asking it’s own citizens for help I don’t see anything wrong with it iits citizens can afford to give not big deal to help

    1. I think you are missing the point by comparing the Asmara regime’s collection of money with that of other countries.

      For a start the money is being collected with threats and intimidation from people who can least afford it and those perhaps less educated.

      Secondly, the money collected, despite what the note says (Tigrinya in which it is written is my mother tongue), is to finance Eritrea’s war in Tigray, which by all accounts has nothing to do with the country. The Tigray war is Ethiopia’s internal affairs and they are more than capable to finance and resolve their problems themselves, without Isaias throwing fuel to it.

      I agree people do contribute for the development of their country and indeed other countries too. But that is not the issue here. The two key issues are; (a) how the money is collected and from whom, and (b) for what purpose.

      The last thing any decent Eritrean must not do is finance efforts by Isaias to send our youth to slaughter houses of his choice.

      I would rather flash €200 down the toilet than give it to the Asmara regime to abuse and kill my people. It is as simple as that.

    2. Hey The main source of this chaos is his dictatorship and begging help from the citizens you chase them out of their country is not going to help, just leave the power.

  2. No Eritrean in their right mind should donate any money to this regime, all you doing is prolonging a misery of our brother and sisters back home, they have done enough damage to mental and physical health of Eritrean youth in the past 30 years, if wants to fight wars let Issias dip into his big Swiss bank or where ever he keeps all that money he stolen from Eritrea.

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