Norwegian Parliament takes a stand on the Tigray conflict

From representative Torstein Tvedt Solberg (Labor Party) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on 17 November 2020:
Question: The situation in Ethiopia has developed from bad to worse in recent days. Reports from the escalating conflict tell of closed internet and mobile networks in the conflict area, great danger of escalation and imminent danger of ethnic conflict between the country’s various ethnic groups. In light of the Nobel Peace Prize 2019, and Norway’s forthcoming seat on the UN Security Council, what role does the government now take to safeguard human rights and help scale down the level of conflict in Ethiopia?
Victoria Terrasse, Foreign Minister’s answer:
I share the Storting’s [Parliament’s ]strong concern about recent developments in Ethiopia. The increased tensions in the country are worrying, and the unrest that is now taking place in parts of the country has major consequences for the inhabitants.
Norway has a good relationship with and extensive contact with Ethiopia through our embassy in Addis Ababa, through the Ethiopian embassy in Stockholm, and through good relations at the political level. The Prime Minister visited the country earlier this year.
In our contact with the Ethiopian authorities, we emphasize the importance of safeguarding the fundamental human rights of all the country’s inhabitants, regardless of ethnic, religious or political affiliation. We also emphasize that it is crucial that the level of conflict is now reduced. In a country as complex as Ethiopia, any lasting solution will have to be based on negotiation and a willingness to compromise, and this is something we emphasize in conversations with both the authorities and with representatives of various ethnic and political groups in the country. From the Norwegian side, we have also recently raised the Oromia situation with the Ethiopian authorities.
When hostilities broke out, Norway was among the countries that quickly called for immediate de-escalation in Tigray. We have on several occasions emphasized expectations for the protection of civilian security, respect for human rights and for ensuring humanitarian access. We have also communicated clearly that the crisis can only be resolved through dialogue and called for national dialogue to be initiated. We have also given this message directly to the Ethiopian authorities. From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have also sent diplomats Jens-Petter Kjemprud to Addis Ababa, where he is part of a delegation led by former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo. The purpose is to encourage the parties to a ceasefire and dialogue.
We will continue our commitment to Ethiopia in the run-up to and during our membership of the UN Security Council. This applies both in our direct, bilateral cooperation, and through the UN, other multilateral organizations, as well as Norwegian, local and international voluntary organizations.


  1. E.H. TPLF thiefs are running and cought here and there with bags of money and gold. Shame on those who rob the country and still cry shamelessly to get mercy. The should face justice for their decades of crime against humanity and the huge robbery and theft. E.H. as a criminal fake news source struggle to paint false appearance of the TPLF thugs.

  2. I did not see any strong concern and move to deescalate the war and stop ethnic cleansing in Tigray. A peace prize winner, about ten months after, waged war on its people in cooperation with foreign countries. was this the purpose of the peace prize? Telecom, electric city, access road, budget, aid, bank etc cut-off so that I can’t contact my family in Tigray.
    I am desperate and very sad.

  3. The world wrongly associate TPLF with Tegry people. They (TPLF) are responsible for the suffering and conflict through out the country. The truth shall prosper Jestice to oppressed Ethiopians is at hand.

    1. TPLF is an elected government that has a mandate to govern the Nation of Tigray. To blame TPLF for the genocidal adventure of the Abiy government is far from the truth. It was the government of Abiy that shot the first round of bullet. When Abiy declared victory the other day, it was people in Debremarkos who celebrated. When will you understand that the Tegarus are the sole owners of their future able to decide who will govern them and even declare independence should they wish? Don’t local government mean anything to you?

      Tigray will prevail in the end. Our fight for justice and freedom will continue.

  4. The war bn Ethiopia and tplf is over and the priminister declared his goverment will do what ever ethiopia can do to bring peace in the area and bringing back innocent refugies. That’s it no merrcy for shamful TPLF

  5. The Juntas media EH and their reporter the military hardwares smuggler Martin Paul has no duty than reporting closed agenda. Would you report the arrested juntas militias leader with stolen money and gold at Sudan? Shame up on you!!!

  6. It is more than a month since the cruel self declared prime minister blocked telephone lines and internet, frozen bank accounts of Tigean people, blocked roads to the region where thousands are dying due to lack of medication, electricity is cut off affecting supply of clean water and cooking food. Imagine on top of this the towns are bombarded with weponary and fighter jets killing civiliance by striking including universities, religious institutions. Eritrean troops and the Amhara armed groups are looting every thing from the towns and demolishing things that they can’t carry. In western and South Tigrai zones the Amhara regional government is establishing its admnistrateve structure and thousands Tigrinya speaking civilliance are being massacred and the rest are warned to leave the places before they face massacre. More than 1.6 million people are forced to leave their places and displaced internally due to the facict Amhara armed groups.
    Universities, factories and hotels are completely looted and burned to ashes by this forces!

  7. We appreciate the concern of our Norwegian partners. The fact is Ethiopia has carried out the operation in a way no civillians are targeted.This has been done perfectly. The government has said it is committed to rehabilitate the displaced people and they returned. The displacement is purposely done by TPLF to get attention on the international media. They wanted the neighboring countries are overwhelmed with refugees and situation escalates, this people are so evil that they need their own people are displaced and suffer. By the way the people know that the Ethiopian armee is not their enemy.But TPLF told them they will kill you. Now they have seen the reality and people will be returned soon and situation be normalized. Don’t worry.One thing to be noted is those who want to remain are who created massacre on innocent civillians in Mai Kadra town near Matama border to Sudan. This group is criminal and must be brought to court.

  8. The only solution to peace and security of Ethiopia is all inclussive national dialogue and consultation not War and political conspiracy.

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