New message to the people of Eritrea by Mesfin Hagos on the war in Tigray

Message from patriot Mesfin Hagos the regarding current situation

[Mesfin Hagos is a founder member of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front – now the ruling PFDJ – a leader of the military during the liberation struggle, then Minister of Defence in the 1990’s. He was a member of the G15 who questioned President Isaias’s dictatorial rule in 2001 and now lives in exile.]

Honored people of Eritrea, it is to be remembered that we have repeatedly stated that the lawless Isayas regime, has moved you from one danger to another. By involving you in the Ethiopian civil war, which is not our business, he is exposing our people and our country to unwanted danger.

At the end of January 2021, a statement condemning the war waged by federal government of Ethiopia and its collaborators on peace loving people of Tigray as well as entry of Eritrean army into Tigray was released, which was signed by more than 80 Eritrean scholars and professionals.

The bad lack that has befallen the people of Eritrea has also happened to the people of Tigray and as such on its own land was made to disperse, to be hammered, to be humiliated by being deprived of its basic rights and honors. We would like to thank those Eritreans who saw this and voiced their protest. Their voice is befitting and reflective of the kind of brotherly relationship and collaboration that’s desire by the oppressed people of Eritrea.

We have to realize the fact that the injustice that’s being inflicted by the army of Abiy Ahmed and Isayas regime is the continuation of the injustices that were and continue to be committed on Eritrea and Eritrean citizens by dictator Isayas and his followers.


Since the root cause of the suffering and injustice that’s being inflicted on the two neighboring peoples, the appeals that are being made on behalf of the people of Tigray not only influences us Eritreans but is also on our behalf too. While more than half of the injustice that was committed on Eritreans remains unknown to the outside world, when it crossed the border and occurred on another country, the world has started to pay attention to it.

Those of us who are able to move and speak have the moral and civic responsibility to speak up on behalf of our people who have been pinned from moving and silenced from speaking.

In November, a failed campaign was undertaken by Asmara that called “let us show our solidarity with our army.” Now Isayas and his allays are using similar trickery with a campaign (motto) “let us defend the sovereignty of our country” to attempt to hide the fact that they are exposing our people to danger and placing our sovereignty for bargain.

The two attempts are efforts to rationalize the actions of the regime and suppress the truth. However, while the people of Eritrea are being kept from utilizing the wealth within its reach and is starving, Isayas has agreed for Abiy to use Assab port without any restrictions and protocols.

Federation with Ethiopia

What is worse, sources from Asmara are indicating and warning that he has made a deal to suppress the sovereignty that we have secured by paying huge sacrifice and to unify, once again, our country Eritrea with Ethiopia through federation.

It is the people of Eritrea who have paid and continues to pay for such irresponsible actions of Isayas and his followers.

Those who are main culprits of these actions are high level commanders of the army and few of their colleagues that have become confused with narrow interests and who are vying to show their allegiance to Isayas and save themselves.

These are the ones that have made mid-level officials and youth members of the army, who gain no benefit out of this, victims of Arab (interests). Since our brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren are not able to make their voices heard, we have the responsibility to speak up on their behalf. History is calling us to stand against the death and destruction that has been occurring, is and continues to occur.

Eritrean Army

Honored army of Eritrea, even though you have been forced to engage in wrongful deeds by military command and disciplinary entanglements, you will be made accountable not only by your conscience, but also by law, for the actions that you are committing.

People of Eritrea  – inside the country and abroad – you have seen that unless you disobey in a unified and open manner, the regime of Isayas will not end.  Since the price we pay by our disobedience is much less, let us all collectively say ‘enough’ so that the intervention of the regime that took away thousands of our children and grandchildren ends in the Ethiopian civil war.

High-level officers of the Eritrean army: it is important for you to know that once you are finished sacrificing your comrades and children, Isayas will pluck you one by one.

Today, the number one enemy of our people and the primary source of danger to our sovereignty is Isayas.

You need to contribute your share now by standing with your people and bringing down this regime in order to heal and compensate for the destruction you have participated in up to now.

Thank you
“Message from patriot Mesfin Hagos regarding current situation,”

ATV Assena Youtube account, 22/02/21, 5 hours ago

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