Mesfin Hagos’s appeal to the people of Eritrea; Catholic church prays for peace

Mesfin Hagos appeal

A Second broadcast message to the Eritrean people by Mesfin Hagos 
1. This war has been in the making by President Isaias and Prime Minister Abiy for the last two years. It was a planned conflict.
2. Prime Minister Abiy has been moving forces into Eritrea  with President Isaias’s permission for some time. The number of Ethiopian troops has increased considerably over the last few weeks with regular flights to Eritrea, adding to the Ethiopian forces that crossed into Eritrea at the outbreak of war.
3. Eritrea has been dragged into this war by President Isaias. This is an Ethiopian war and it should not involve Eritrea.
4. He condemns the attack on Asmara and the fact that President Isaias has not spoken publicly to calm the Eritrean people.
5. The Eritrean nation, and its armed forces, should refuse to fight other people’s war. Mesfin pleads with the Eritrean to say no to the war and to stand up against it.
6. He says the Ethiopian leadership and people should resolve their conflict through dialogue, not war.
The above are the key points of broadcast on Erisat in both Tigrinya and Arabic.

Eritrean Catholics asked to pray for peace

Eritrean Catholic Church called on  Eritreans all over the World to pray for peace for 24 hours


  1. Thank you Mesfin. I agree with you, It’s very devastating to see the same situation agin. No mater what there is no benefit from war rather than losing young poor people and crying mother. We all should stand against it. No mother should cry over war losing her son.

  2. A lot of ignorant think that this war fuel because “TPLF attacked Ethiopian military base” in one night stand. But what they failing to understand or failing to admit is a probable causes to go to war both sides especially on the beginning by the so called the federal government of Ethiopia which side lined the tigrian leader by Jailing them without due process and killing them on the spot.

  3. TPLF should not have attacked Ethiopian defence force.This has been witnessed by Mr Sekotre Getachew,a member of TPLF Junta.The junta has has looted billions of dollars and killed tens of thousands that were non-tigreans.Backed by Eritreans overthrew the Derge regime.Did this only to control economic power but not autonomy.

  4. I think time to reconcile is waaay past now the tplf had a chance to do it for the last 20 years the intransigence of this junta and it’s inability to realize it’s waning influence have paved the way for it’s demise so we will pray for peace alongside the capture and persecution of the tplf leadership this region needs new leaders and new ideas!

  5. Sorry to say it Mesfin, your writting is totally misleading lie.

    First, TPLF’s tribe chieftains have ruled Tigray for 47 years. They didn’t allow any alternative to emerge apart from Sebehat Negas’s Adwa family. As an example the Adigrat group that started the liberation movement under another liberation movement were deceived to come for negotiations and given cyanide capsule as antimalarial tables by Sebehat to be killed all of them. Those who didn’t swallow the tablets were massacred. That is how TPLF started.

    Second, apparent Sebehat Negas’s tightly controlled family no one was allowed to give alternative. It is good to remember the following leaders who were eliminated. Tekelu Hawaz, Raswork, sehul, kinfe, Hayelom, Giday Zeration (accused of being Eritrean). Even recently the like of Tewodros Adehanom, currently WHO president, was killed out of leadership contention because he was educated, modern and brought up in Asemera.

    Third, the guys have looted and pillaged Ethiopia to make themselves billionaires and they were pushed out of power by popular revolts. Abiy made a childish mistake to let them away with their billions to retire happily ever after. But they wanted more and invested in recruiting 900,000 regular army and more than 150,000 militiamen. While they doing that all their kids and wife’s were given American passport to live luxurious life in mansions, while they encouraged poor peasant’s kids in to battle field.

    Fourth, when they thought they are ready, they secretly organized Tigreans in the Army to kill all other ethnic group soldiers at the same time while the militia and Tigrean special force make a surprise attack. 30,000 non-Tigrean army who was sent to defend the boarder over thousands miles were massacred and according to TPLF officials 10;000 were captured in their beds.

    Five, they called this operation lighting and boasts about it.

    Some decision surprising defended themselves to escape to west, others to Eritrea.

    All these are war crimes that was intended to control the animation and march to Addis and recapture power. It was well organized, highly confidential and racists operation, who targeted non-Tigreans.

    This is the miscalculation.

    1. They confused Abiy’s prosperity party and the Ethiopian people. Abiy lost popularity and no Ethiopian would have come to his rescue if they attacked prosperity party. No they attacked the Ethiopian army. Every home, every ethnic group, and every region from Somali, to Gambela, from Adhere to Gurage, from Oromo to Amhara have a son and daughter in the army in Tigray.

    When they attacked the sons and daughters of all Ethnic groups, of course the people reacted and the Tigrean people felt the shame to their bones by this racists acts and massacre.

    Now the Tigreans peasants didn’t want to die for these disgraceful group. The Ethiopian people vow to rescue their 10,000 sons and daughters who were captured by the TPLF.

    These two forces, that is the Tigrean population refusal to fight for criminals and the Ethiopian people anger for massacre of their sons and daughters created a Tournedo that is wiping out the TPLF criminal groups who controlled Tigray for 47 years.

    This is the reality. The army rushing to save their colleagues, the Tigrean people recusal to fight for criminals and the Ethiopians anger changed everything.

    Had it not for these three forces coming together, it was difficult to move a kilometer in Tigray.

    Now everyone is counting down. They Tigreans want to be free at last were diverse views could be entertained, the army is rushing to rescue their brothers and sisters free and being the criminals to justice. The Ethiopian people are anxious waiting to see their sons and daughters who were protecting the border for 23 years.

    This brought about the last chapter of Sebehat Negas’s family grips over Tigray and Ethiopia. It has nothing to do with Issayas and Eritrea.

    Hate towards Eritrea is brought to stirr hate in Tigray and mobilize Tigreans to the battle front, but Tigreans peasants are much smarter than 70-80 years old leadership of TPLF.

    Rest in Peace TPLF

  6. You think you are the only one well informed about the situation. Don’t undermine the people like the tplf leaders did for 27 years. The military had no choice it has been attacked first “Don’t start a fight that you are able or willing to finish”

  7. We all know that politices is rabbish , the war is planed by both Leaders Abiy Ahmed and Issias Afewerki , Issias Afewerki claimed TPLF very Dangerous Party in Horn Africa and its responsible for all wars started from 1997 up to the year 2000 both Leaders have alarg Plan to distroy TPLF from its roots in Tigray Region .

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