Map of Asmara from Italian touring guide, 1929

This map is from “Guidi d’Italia del Touring Club Italiano, Possedimenti e Colonie”

It is dated August 1929

Asmar 1929

This was the imperial Italian city. Others lived rather different lives.

This is from 1935.



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  1. Alamin was not supporter of Issayas only, he was one of the Founders of EPLF.HE represented Province of Semhar, around north most of Massawa and Red Sea. Together with the following: Osman Affa, Ali Saaid, Romedan Mohammed Noor,Saleh Sebe, Mohammed Saaid Berha. After Issayas eliminated all of the above between 1986-2020 then Alamin was crippled to become a mice in place of a lion. Martine it is in your interest to tell correct history of the Eritrean Revolution. Refer to Dan Connel of Boston, to understand correct history of EPLF and/or Eritrean Revolution. I read a lot of distortion in many of your writings. A known journalist like yourself shouldn’t take anysides. We had enough from professors Pankhurst and Spencer’s engaged in reversed writing to discredit our history to please Emperor Haile Selassie. Likewise yourself siding TPLF. Martine, I want to stress that we Eritreans can trace our ancestory and sovrenity across 400 B.C.and beyond to Babylonian Era.

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