Letter of solidarity with Sudanese democrats from Eritrean resistance


                                                                                                                        15 December 2021


 A letter to Sudanese Democracy Movement from Eritrean Pro-Democracy Groups

Dear Compatriots,

The current political turmoil in the Horn of Africa is worrisome and it is a sad reflection that the so-called leaders of our region still intend to solve their differences through armed conflicts and unnecessary violence.

Over the last two years, the determination of the Sudanese pro-democracy movement has been a shining example not only to us, your brothers and sisters, in Eritrea but for the whole of Africa and beyond. Despite the odds, it gives us great pleasure to say you have indeed triumphed. This is a manifestation that the rule of law and the quest for democracy is embedded in the social fabric and psychic of the Sudanese people for which you should truly be proud of. The world has witnessed your exemplary resilience, sacrifice and determination in the fight for justice and democracy. We the Eritrean democratic forces unequivocally support the Sudanese people and stand full square with you at this critical juncture in your movement’s history. We have no doubt that the Sudanese people, well equipped with your time-tested civil disobedience, will achieve your ultimate objective to create a political system that is conducive for peace and justice and build on the fight you so courageously started in 2018 through mass uprising.

The people of Sudan have always been dear in the hearts of every Eritrean and continue to be a solace for our people. For us, Eritreans, Sudan is our second home as our people have always been welcomed by the Sudanese people with open arms for which we are hugely grateful.

Today, we find ourselves at a critical time in our history and we need each other more than ever before. Your cause is our cause and vice versa. Freedom is never free but we shall stand hand in hand until all the people in our region are free from dictatorship and tyranny.

In solidarity – Power to the Sudanese and the Eritrean people.

  1. Global Yiakl Movement
  2. Sinit Eritrawyean
  3. Eritrean Research Institute for policy and strategy (ERPIS)
  4. Eritrea Focus
  5. Facilitating Smooth Transition in Eritrea (FAST)
  6. United Eritreans for Justice (UEJ)


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  1. It is great time to work with Sundance people and eritrean people to get a full peace in east Africa ,especailey in Sudan ,Eritrea and Ethiopia ,we will work together for our region peace.

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