Latest from UNHCR refugee camps in Tigray

The situation is dire. These were the numbers in the camps prior to the outbreak of the Tigray war on 4 November. The UNHCR has been unable to reach the camps so far. One delivery has been made to camps by the World Food Programme but only to Adi Harush and Mai-Ayni. No-one has reached the northern camps of Hitsats or Shire, which were home to 34,000 prior to the conflict.


Adi Harish: One refugee attacked by unknown assailants in Adi Harish on December 24, 2020. He sustained serious injuries. Another Eritrean has taken him to Gonder for medical assistance, but he has not received any so far. Unless he gets immediate assistance, his life is in danger. Eritrean refugees at the camp are appealing for medical assistance.

Hitsats: Nine Eritrean refugees have been killed and a tenth committed suicide. Only women and children remain in Hitsats, and they are starving. Those who were capable of leaving have fled — toward Sudan, Shire, Gondar, or elsewhere. An unknown number have been killed en route. This information is extremely sensitive: the Ethiopian government does not want any information relating to the refugees who are under UNHCR protection, to become known internationally.

In total some 55,000 people – Ethiopians and Eritreans – have fled to Sudan.




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