IMPORTANT: Tigray government issues call for talks, a cessation of hostilities and humanitarian access


One month ago, Tigray was the safest region in Ethiopia. Today, it is ravaged by war.

Our greatest concern is the protection of civilians-protection of all civilians anywhere in Ethiopia and abroad by all Ethiopians and the international community.
We are communicating to the African Union and to the international community that the (Government of Tigray) has appointed a representative  who is empowered to discuss and decide with members of the AU, the international community, and authorities in the government of Ethiopia to seek:

A. An immediate cessation of hostilities.
B. Measures for the protection of all civilians.
C. Unimpeded humanitarian access.
D. Independent investigation by external parties of any alleged atrocities and war crimes or violations of international law.

An immediate cessation to ensure the protection of civilians is of paramount importance.

Getachew Reda
Political advisor of the president of the regional government of Tigray


  1. Ato Getachew what happen to you this time, you have been telling us that you will win the war. This is not acceptable specially at the time when your last breath reaching your throat. I only know you one of the brave person with his word of mouth, now justice is in front of you so the people will not allow you any of what you requested try different means. Start fasting and praying for next three days at least to get clean of your sin and God can help you.

    Good luck

  2. Tplf always said they had defeated Derg to come to power. Show us that again please.Gonder could have better resisted given the arsenals you said had robbed from E FDR forces.You are simply cowardly.Thrash words of Redda have gone wrong!

  3. The dirty and badmouthed Getachew always stutering many nonesense. He has no brain but mouth only to suck and spit. Afterall, Ethiopia is a great nation. The Derg regim failed because of TPLF supporting double missioned high ranking military personnel. Most of the high ranking personnel, both in the civic and military sectors of Ethiopia, during the Derg regime was Eritreans and Tigres. That was why they used their double agent traitors act to fail the Derg regime. They did their hereditary traitor game again recently, during Dr. Abiy’s time. TPLF never been a hero group. Their victory is not through bravery act of war. Their victory was and would always be through dirty political adultry. TPLF is full of canibals and double agents with devilish act against the helpless poor. No one should hear their desperate begging. They are always remained beggars biting the benovalent and good hearted citizens. This is the last cry by TPLF. They underestimated the patience of Ethiopian people and their good hearted leader, Dr. Abiy.
    Dowl with TPLF. Its leaders are going down to the eternal hell. Hell to you bloodhound, blood thirsty devils. The Game is Practically Over.

  4. There is a saying in Amharic that goes like ” use fork when it is hot,and use hands when it gets cold”.Tplf as we Ethiopians know is evil, sectarian,conspirer and very poisonous to the bond that holds the social fabric together.
    They brag that they are best fighters and invite and insight the whole Ethiopia to come to war.Even they claim that ‘war is cultural game of tigrai’, let’s try.
    They committed atrocities on the whole nation and specially declare enemity to the Amara nation commit genocide,exterminate Amaras and take their land.The crime they committed is beyond anyone imagination.They plunder the country’s resources.LITERALLY THEY CREAT GOVERNMENT MAFIA.
    Now that enforcement of the law is on the table_wgere that bragging has gone? You injured the country’s defence force and plunder amunitions.
    You do all that is evil and ask for negotiation!shameless,sham tplf.
    The Ethiopian government has to do all the necessary PR work so that the international community can know how they are down and out, morally faltered, defective and evil group.You push hands of clemency , insight war and when you feel the burn you ask for 3rd party intervention, assuming that you can illude the international community.

  5. TPLF has committed political Problems , in 1997 Prime Minister Meles Zenawi agreed with President of the USA Billklinton to distroy EPLF , and this was Not easy EPLF is Not an easy political Party it can’t be pushed with TPLF and Meles Zenawi He is the only one that Puts the TPLF at risk He was tha Mad Dog of the President Billklinton , the big mistake of the TPLF is what we are seing now they put their own people inside war they are reaping what they sowed and if they remain as aparty to rule Tigray There will be No Peace in Ethiopia , Somalia and Eritrea they are the Problem in Horn Africa and if they remain they will Always to Serve the USA in my Point of View they should have to be distroyed once and forever .

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