Hundreds of Norwegians demonstrate against the Tigray war

In three of Norway’s largest cities – Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen – there were demonstrationsĀ  against the war in Tigray on Friday, 18 December.

Hundreds of protesters defied the rain and cold to demand that Abiy return the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded in Norway.

The demonstrations were covered by Norwegian television.

The international community will in the end be called on to pay for the destruction that Abiy is now inflicting on Ethiopia’s people and its cities.

A young newly arrived Eritrean explained that her 17 year old sister has been sent to join the war from the Eritrean training base at Sawa.

Her mother cries every night, because they have not heard from her for a month.

Her friends from the refugee camps in Tigray have also disappearedĀ  – and there has been no sign of life from them for many weeks.

There was a mixture of despair and anger among the protesters, who demand that mediation should be given a chance between the warring parties, so that peace and democracy can be established in both Ethiopia and Eritrea.

A letter was handed to Parliament demanding that the Norwegian government ends its financial support for Prime Minister Abiy immediately and calling for Abiy Armed and Isaias Afwerki to be brought before an International Court for the crimes they have committed.


  1. Hundreds of protesters? I only see 22 poor souls on the picture, and I have been very generous in my counting. The fact that someone thought this is newsworthy is embarrassing.

    1. Even a single human-beings voice matter when it speaks against tyrany and atrocities done on humanity. Their message is truth and it is definitely newsworthy .

  2. The voice of a Single soul matters. The fact that they did this Demonstration in cold and wet Winter i salute them. It is news worth and Bekele… it is wise to see things from a different angle Than be negative and fault finder…

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