Heavy fighting erupts in Tigray as Ethiopia and Eritrea launch “final offensive”

Source: Dedebit Media, 15/06/21

• Heavy fighting is currently taking place in Asgede Tsimbla, Endaba Guna, Core Tekli, Debre Abay, Zengoraque, Mai Hanse.
• The fighting in Debre Abay has been going on for two days; it started the day before yesterday but intensified yesterday. Mechanized units based in Enkoi Liham, Gedam Neqa and from around Endabaguna have targeted the area for blanket bombardment. Its started to tone down a little today. The number of civilian casualties has not been determined since the residents have fled to the hills.
• Similar bombardment of areas in Core Tekli, Zengoraque and Mai Hanse has also taken place. The bombardment is claimed to deliberately target civilian populated areas regardless of whether or not TDF units are nearby.
• EDF/ENDF are allegedly targeting water infrastructure for destruction to wipe out civilians through thirst more quickly.
• Remaining ENDF units which were based around north western Tigray have withdrawn. Edaga Arbi, Nebelet, Wukromaray, Zana and the whole of Shire (both western and north western part) is currently swarming with Eritrean forces.
• A major invasion is in the process of being carried out, one which the Allied forces labeled “the third offensive/ the final offensive”. They are mobilizing in three directions: Amhara forces from the direction of Mai Tsebri; ENDF contingents from the south (Raya) and EDF from the north.


  1. The international democratic world need to act ASAP to save Tigray people from ethniccleansing. Chemical warfare is being used by Ethiopian forces inflicting Tigray people.

  2. God help the Tigray people and it’s forces. The world community have become powerless, while genocide is taking place in front of our eyes. It is becoming big fish eats small fish, no international rule, the out come of this war is beyond Tigray, it is wider. The world powers are witnessing a small population being exterminated. Where is the morality? Where is the UN rule and agreements?

    1. The law enforcement has already ended. The ENDF is now trying to bring TPLF’s criminals to justice. Do not complicate and disseminate fake information. TPLF attacked ENDF while they were asleep and an action had to be taken. That’s it!!

      1. All your soldiers is finished ,what are you guys waiting for, withdraw ur soldiers from tigray to your country Ethiopia,

  3. The TDF are formidable. There is no doubt that the Eritrean mercenaries will be dealt a heavy blow. There is no record of mercenaries winning in history. Their interest lies in looting and getting paid. Their morale and their fighting capacity is so low that they flee or surrender during any serious military engagements with the TDF. The people of Tigray will prevail and the dictators and the mercenaries will be annihilated.

    1. When and how does international law come to force? Every single day human lives are being lost. For what? What kind of reason justifies the killing of innocent people including children and helpless women of all ages. Starvation, distruction and distruption. Has anyone thought that whoever wins the war on Tigray, there are going to be undesirable and serious outcomes/concequences for this generation and generations to come. Dr Abiy Ahmed, if you are a Christiasn as you claim to be STOP it now and engage with your opponents in a peaceful and civilised manner. Have mercy upon the people that you lead in all corners of the country. Or else hell is within reach. Mann yekkerral kemmot!
      God protect his people!

    2. Aren’t we all the same? Family feud is settled by the family. Yesterday’s ruler are today’s subjugate

      1. Hence the trend continues…… Viva man chonde!! It’s only that you’ve never witnessed the devastation of a civil war, where there shall be mutual annihilation eventually. Kkkkkkk

  4. One wailing, the other boasting. But at the end of the day it’s just lomi tera tera it’s a small world what goes around comes around. You invaded, occupied, murdered, divided, humiliated, looted and subjected the Ethiopian people to unbearable pain. The horror just got to your village, the sad part, the evil savages that truly deserve it are living overseas and those that are carrying it are the innocent poor. That is the only tragedy of the story.

    1. The other tragic part of the story that you pretend not to be acknowledging now, is that your innocent offsprings shall be next in the queue to harvest what you have sowed today in this vicious circle. STOP THE VIOLENCE NOW, FOR IT SHALL TORE US APART AND SHALL NEVER ENCOURAGE OUR UNITY.

    1. No war No peace, remember? beside Eritrean forces are the one doing the heavy fighting. But what did you expect to happen to what Tigrayans did to Eritrea in the last 20 years? Mark my word Tigray will be no more when this is finished, 90% of the land will be given to Amhara oromo afar etc. 1/3rd of tigrayan will die, 1/3 will be refugees working low paying jobs in Europe and the western world and the other 1/3rd will be a minority where ever they are in Ethiopia. Even Mekele will be a minority Tigrayan city, Tigrayan will be like Harar Just a one city ( Axum ) ethnic group surrounded by Amhara,afar and oromo and scattered across Ethiopian towns like kurds. That is the plan, it was given the Green light and signed off by the big powers, That is why No one cares.

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