Hagos Kisha – the economic power behind President Isaias

Source: WWW

A preview of #Eritrea‘s very lucrative businesses and Hagos Kisha. He’s been handling our finances since the 1970s. Hagos stays under the radar, but has more power than the Minister of Finance. He’s involved in mining, trust funds, trade, share companies, and more.

Started with ELFNA in the 70s.

Is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate with different subsidiaries such as Bisha, Zara, and Danakil mining companies

What else is hidden out there that we don’t know of?

Potash is very rare, only found in few places such as Eritrea and Eastern China. Check links below for this old document currently in the US Library of Congress.

The Hidri Trust fund was started to help families of war veterans. It’s turned into a secretive multi million dollar fund. It does not disclose any financial data on just how much assets it owns.

The Red Sea Trading Co is both a player and referee in the import/export industry of Eritrea.



  1. I have a dull memory of a series of interviews with the former national bank and the the ceo of the red sea trading in assena TV. His name was Kubrom Dahfla and I guess he lives in the Netherlands. Eritrea is a banana state where everything is controlled by the dictator himself. The others are his instruments, they have no any say.

    1. hagos kisha has since long been widely known as the personal treasurer of the despot. the finance ministry we know, like the rest of the ministries, is just nominal, almost exclusively dealing with administering of the current budget (personnel salaries in the ministries and acquisition of expendable and non-expandable office supplies for their operations). This budget administration does not include expenditure incurred by the Defense and Security (internal affairs) sectors, which are under direct and exclusive control of the office of the president. Eritrea under Isaias does not operate like a normal state. The system apparatus is organised more like a mafia crime syndicate of the “Cosa Nostra” type.

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