Flooding hits Afar – thousands displaced

A report from the Famine Early Warning Network shows the scale of the flooding.

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This indicates that much of the Eritrean coastline has been flooded. Yet there appear to be no reports of this in the official Eritrean media.

EriTV broadcast an item on this, with video showing the suffering of ordinary men and women.

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The only mention in English has been via Twitter

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The reports of flooding come at a time when the foreign media have begun to cover allegations that the Eritrean government is withholding food aid from the Afar.

There have been detailed reports of the situation in neighbouring Ethiopia, such as the one below.

More Than 49,000 People Affected By Flooding In Afar Region

Source: Fanabc
Afar flooding Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, August 8, 2020 (FBC) – Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Program Coordination Office stated that 49, 065 people have been affected by flooding posed by heavy rains in Afar Regional State.

The Head of Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Program Coordination Office, Kulsuma Burhaba told FBC that 10 out of 17 Woredas in the region have been affected by the flooding.

She disclosed that 19,656 people have been displaced due to flooding while other 51,659 are exposed to risk of flooding disaster in the region.

The flooding has affected animals and posed damage to property in areas hit by flooding across the region, Kulsuma said.

The government has made humanitarian responses to 5 affected Woredas, she said adding emergency logistic supply is being distributed to the victims with helicopters.

Relocation and Awareness creation activities are underway in line with addressing areas at risk of flooding and related conditions in the region.

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