European Union promises to halt building Eritrean roads following criticism of “slave labour”

Eritrean human rights organization withdraws claim against EU, but remains vigilant about forced labour


  1. It is regrettable the litigation in Amsterdam had to be aborted. But the fight must go on.

    UK courts may soon consider a similar litigation against the government here and fingers crossed they will pass a judgement.

    All justice seekers should join hands in starving the repressive regime in Asmara from getting inward investments and/or foreign aid until it stops enslaving its own people.

    Together, we can help the regime in Asmara to cripple its own economy even more. Apartheid in SA collapsed because of international sanctions. Similarly, we can and we will eradicate slavery from Eritrea using the same tools. If it can be done in SA, it is a million times easier to do it in Eritrea.

  2. Das tut mir leid für euch, denn dass wir Eritrea nicht hindern weiter zu kommen das Volk ist auf ihre Seite und wie viele sind die Gegner vielleicht 1% des wegen ihr könnt sie aufhalten.

  3. Please to be stop that project b/c it helps to be easy national and international trade as well as uniform the community to the 1st world stage, don’t see it in terms of profit for EU.
    Make for humastic and safety of society in the way of peace ,the were nothing to be sanction Eritrea the last 10 years but it happens in the form of selfishness from head offices.
    National service and national armey improved eritrean freedom and it’s propority from different Julius country.
    They may be need to be use it’s society as slave of developed countries.

  4. No more place for dictatorship. The Idiots have no plan to build the nation. The just want the money for their private staffs. Sie haben das Land absichtlich kaputt gemacht.

  5. es ist zu gut dass mehr starken zu build
    unserm Heimatland, lass uns und wir bauen mit Geduld. Bitte eure Meinung waschen und +ve denken. Gehen weg mit deinem Träumen. Die Gegenr und Heimatloss.

  6. Well,it been told in many occasions That funding Eritrean only governing political party doesn’t deserve it.because they are torturing young generation by slaving them with out any salary of the hard work.

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