Ethiopia’s war spills over into Djibouti with clashes between Somali and Afar

Source: BBC

Houses torched in inter-communal clashes in Djibouti

Mary Harper, Africa editor, BBC World Service

The authorities in Djibouti say there have been clashes between the Somali and Afar communities in the capital city.

The interior minister, Said Nuh Hassan, described the situation as “very dangerous”. He said there were casualties but did not give further details.

Property has been burned, including houses.

There have been intense clashes between Afars and Somalis in neighbouring Ethiopia.

Last week, the authorities in Ethiopia’s Somali region accused Afars of massacring hundreds of civilians in the town of Gedamaytu.

It’s not clear if the violence is linked to the war in Tigray, which has spilled over into the Afar region.


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