Ethiopia’s new drones flying from Afar base

On Sunday, 1 August I published this Tweet: “Report – to be confirmed – of fresh drone supplies arriving for the Ethiopian military.”

Now confirmation has come, via Ethiopia Map

“Several pictures have been released showing Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed inspecting a drone/control center at Semara air base in Afar.

Unfortunately, quality of these images is horrible, so the exact model cannot be discerned. However, it’s believed to be Chinese. Maybe Wing Loong 2.

Expect to update this if we can get an exact ID on the drone.

Not too many images of the inside of Chinese drone control centers going around which would help confirm.”

A senior Tigrayan source had this response to the arrival of the drones.

“Drones flying out of Semera targeting TDF vehicles.

Short range (70km) and low altitude and not very accurate.

Mainly a psychological weapon, may do some damage but cannot change the strategic balance.”



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