Ethiopia’s elections: on the road to nowhere?

A series of Tweets by Tsedale Lemma provide an interesting perspective on the forthcoming Ethiopian elections, scheduled for 5 June 2021. She called them “Sunday Thoughts

She refers to an announcement by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, announcing the 47 parties that had been registered. Of the 8209 candidates no fewer than 2432 were for the ruling Prosperity Party.

Since Tigray will not be participating, given the war that is raging in the region, these were Tsedale’s conclusions.

“With no pause, no meaningful reflections from Ethiopia’s political class & other stakeholders on the old adage that “elections have consequences”, on March 11 @NEBEthiopia released the preliminary list of candidates for the June 05 election.

A few things to say.

While that’s what the electoral system has so far delivered, it won’t be surprising to see many of the 125 independents take up seats in the parliament. Many, if not all, including the sheikhs, priests, deacon(s) & TV personalities are individuals closely linked to the incumbent.

I believe that poses a serious image problem to the perceived independence of the Electoral Board. But that’s not the only challenge the Board is confronted with. Tigray is out of the election and no one knows when & if there will be an election for the national parliament!

Oromia has 1, unknown party, with just 4 candidates (see No 38 in the list). With OLF & OFC officially out, it means the incumbent & to a certain extent EZema are the only parties running to represent the Federation’s largest constituent unit,& both aren’t the favourites! Face it!

So what does it mean? It means NEBE is holding an election (mostly financed by the west) to pave ways for a formation of a govt minus Tigray (unless election is organised simultaneously – unlikely) & the vote from Oromia is used & abused! If this isn’t troubling, I don’t what is!

Again, not too late to pause, reflect & change course! It’s not a political cowardice but an act of thinking country before power! Pushing ahead to form a gov’t of a few exclusive club of parties at a time of such fragility will fasten the undoing of the federation as we know it.”


  1. Agree with you absolutely. If there is no pause or a u turn on the elections and look into other sensible options we will end up with another and bigger rebellion in Oromiya that may uproot the federal government.

  2. First , let her pause and reflect on the ongoing genocidal masscare in Oromia by her favorites, OLF, OFC & Pro OLF government operatives.
    Deal with it

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