Ethiopian troops “capture Humera airport” from Tigrayan forces

Source: Fana

Defense Force Captures Humera Airport

Addis Ababa, November 10, 2020 (FBC) – The Ethiopian National Defense Force has fully captured Humera Airport amid continuation of government’s military response against TPLF rebel group.

It is stated that the TPLF rebel group intended to exploit the Humera Airport for deceitful attack against the nation.

A number of members of Special Force, Police and Militia organized under TPLF have surrendered to the Ethiopian Defense Forces.

The Ethiopian Defense Forces are counteracting the attack from rebel group and carrying out military offensive accordingly.

The National Defense Force has already seized Maidali, Dansha, Baeker and Ligudi areas and Humera-Sudan Road as part of the operation being carried out by the government in order to ensure law and order in the country.


  1. Long live Ethiopia and her people. Our brothers inTigray specially the young may God protect you from the decieving TPLF rogous. Tigray people are our brotherenrs and sisters. We will librate them fro the TPLF Mafia. Eritrea Hub please be balanced in your reporting and whoever you are do not stand at the wrong side of history.

    1. controlling an airport wasn’t a good move they will reply 100 times they didn’t attack fearing for the people now look at them go…federal Ethiopia will win!

  2. War is not a solution for the political crisis in Ethiopia.A genuine federalism is a solution for the debacle in Ethiopia.The existing federal system is a fake one.Prosperty party intends to impose unitary system in Ethiopia.Unitary system will lead the disintegration of Ethiopia empire.

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