Ethiopian ambassador to the US responds to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

This reply blames the humanitarian crisis on the Tigrayan military. Humanitarian aid now PM Abiy’s “top priority.”


  1. Mr. Fitsum,
    Remember, Honorable Ihlan Omar was a child refugee, like the ones who fled your regime to Sudan very recently. Remember, your regime labeled these same victims of your war in Tigray, as possible suspects of the mass murder in Mai Kadra. It has offered no apology. Ethiopia’s great reputation in diplomacy has eviscerated; those who succeeded it are political cadres, masquerading as diplomats.

  2. Ethiopian authorities denials and lie is a matter of survival; they don’t care for tomorrow as long as they survived today.
    Bad culture!!

  3. Why the eritrean troops are still in Tigray?
    The world knows about the Genocide looting rape hunger are used as a weapon!!!
    Where is the #UN USA EU UK???
    #TigrayGenocide #EritreanTroopsoutofTigray #AmharaFanoOutOfTigray #EthiopianTroopsOutOfTigray #UNSCActNow

  4. He is the highest representative of the most repressive government on earth in many years. We can not expect anything better from him. He will prolong the lies and denials of Abiy on the reality on ground. I am so surprised Abiy has so many accomplice like this Ambassador, when they can save their conscience (if he has) and jump from serving a devil. I guess they have their family members in Ethiopia left as security to hinder them from doing so.

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