Eritreans in Addis Ababa call on UN to move refugees away from the war in Tigray

Eritreans are demonstrating outside the UNHCR offices in Bole, Addis Ababa.  They are appealing to the UN to act to protect Eritrean refugees in camps in Mai Aini and Adi Harush. They say the area is a war zone and calls on the UN to evacuate them.
There are also appeals for the UNHCR to extend its protection and services to Eritreans currently in Addis Ababa and other camps.
They are calling for:
1) Relocation of the refugees from the war zone
2) Provide basic support like shelter, food, medications, blankets to the displaced
3) Give ID cards and proof of refugee registration to those who lost it during conflict
4) Bring to justice perpetrators of human rights violations in the Eritrean camps and their surroundings.

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