Eritreans among the thousands rounded up in Ethiopia as the war closes in on Addis

This information is from an Eritrean friend of mine. It comes against the background of reports of arrests of Tigrayans in Addis Ababa and other parts of Ethiopia.


Friends are telling me about how Eritreans are suffering as a result of the mass arrest of Tigrayans. My friend  sent me the message below about her husband.

“My husband was in the 3rd police station Piassa. (Sostegna). There were 300 prisoners there were only three toilets and there was no water. There were 18 Eritreans some of them were elderly.

They eventually charged him with illegal money transfers, not terrorism or supporting terror.

Many of the others are simply charged with supporting terror and simply kept under arrest even after the courts discharge them.

My husband told me there were even disabled people held at the police stations and a lot of elderly people too.

One woman who refused to be separated from her blind daughter, so she was simply taken to prison with her.

Another woman who used to work for the UN and is a mother of twins.

The numbers rise almost exponentially. There are areas of Addis such as Cherkos where nearly every household has been affected.

Even Tigrayans with exit visas are too scared to go to the airport, as this would expose them.

Many people are in hiding but often their neighbours give them away them. When caught all they have to be is Tigrayan to be taken away.”

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