Eritrean resistance “attacks Eritrean pro-government targets” in Ethiopia

There are reports that an Eritrean Opposition group ‘The Eritrean Defence Forces For National Salvation’ (EDFFNS) carried out an attack at 11PM on 29th August against Eritreans linked to the Eritrean government in Addis Ababa.


The EDFFNS claimed they opened fire on two senior PFDJ security/intelligence officers and three guards/drivers, leaving one dead and two wounded.

The attack is reported to have taken place at an Addis Ababa bar, the Halabay Lounge, in the Sefari Area. The bar is owned by Even Zakaria’s a popular former cyclist in who lived in Asmara in 1990. His brother, Yonas Zekarias, was also a cyclist.

Even Zekarias is claimed to be an informant for the PFDJ. The EDFFNS accuses Even of using his establishment as a front for PFDJ kidnappings and threats of execution that have been made against Eritrean opposition activists living in Addis Ababa. The EDFFNS consists of former members of the Eritrean Defence Forces who say they are dedicated to liberating Eritrea from PFDJ control.

News of the attack appears to have been confirmed by an Eritrean pro-government Facebook page.

This incident followed an unconfirmed report of an attack on the Eritrean ambassador’s driver and bodyguard in Addis Ababa on 7th September.


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