Eritrean Movement For Justice claims it attacked Ethiopian troops training at Sawa military academy

Source: Erisat

ERISAT: News – An attack was carried out targeting Ethiopian soldiers inside Sawa Training camp

01/04/21 Eritrean Movement For Justice (EMFJ) put out a statement claiming that on 29/03/21, after detailed preparation, it undertook an attack on Eritrea’s main training base – the Sawa military training academy.

Their target was the 150 Ethiopian soldiers they say were receiving training there.

EMFJ says that 30 of the Ethiopian soldiers were killed and 36 were severely wounded as the result of the attack.

The Ethiopian soldiers were staying in “Enda Hamshay” barracks inside Sawa.

EMFJ claims that the attack was designed to serve as a warning to the Ethiopian army which, it believes, is mobilizing on Eritrean soil with impunity.


  1. both the Ethiopian ans Eritrean governments have lied about sending Eritrean troops, both to fight and to commit atrocities – aimed at intimidating the population; they have not co-ordinated their lies

  2. This is a good news for the justice seeker Eritreans overall. However we need to push more guys. This is the right time to root out PFDJ, while the Ethiopian army are very week and they would not be able to defend the dictator. Otherwise it could be another missed opportunity.

    1. Good news ! As Eritrean I’m looking this type of mouvement for the justice and democracy of my people , where are you guys located ? How new soldiers can join you ? ብረታዊ ቃልሲ ኢዩ መፍቲሒኡ !

  3. This is what the eritrean people was waiting. Now you found the heart beat of the voice less people and i am sure you will get more support from our people. We are happy.

  4. Wait wait wait!!!!! What is going on? Who in the heck are EMJF or whatever their name is. What have I missed? Please let me know🧐

  5. The person who wrote this article has absolutely no idea how things work in Eritrea. Is someone deliberately misleading him?

  6. Well done. High time to participate the struggle to throw off the shackles of the opperesors in action.

  7. The number of Tegaru massacred in Tigray so far “identified” is said to be 1900. This is the “tip of the iceburg”. The people killed in Maykadra (over 750) and Aksum (over 800) is not mush different from those “identified”. We have a long way to go for the overall genocide crime statistical data. The Isaias and Abiy killing macines have to stop now if we are going to survive as a nation. During the Italian invasion half a million people died (1935-1941). Tigray is becoming like the killing fields of Pol Pot / Cambodia. We have lived with our bitter enemies without knowing them and without realizing where we were heading!! Let us wake up to save ourselves. Tigray will prevail!!

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