EEPA Situation Report – Horn of Africa – No. 263, 07 September 2022

Situation in Tigray (per 07 September)

  • According to a Tigray representative, a key battle is being fought between Eritrean forces and TDF in Dedebit in Western Tigray.
  • Tigray Spokesperson Getachaw Reda said on Twitter that Eritrean forces are also taking up offensive positions on multiple fronts such as Rama, Tserona, Zalambessa and Dallol.
  • The ENDF has reportedly captured Adi Arkay in the Amhara region, which has been held by the TDF these last months.
  • Assena TV stated that hospitals in Debark and Dabat towns of the North Gondar zone are flooded with wounded soldiers.
  • Heavy fighting is taking place in many different border areas. TDF fighters are engaging Ethiopian forces from Sudan, Fighting is taking place on the Tekeze River, on the B30 Highway towards Debark, on the Abergele front, and around Kobo in Amhara. The TDF is also engaged with Eritrean forces in the North around Shiraro.
  • Heavy fighting is  reported between TDF troops and Eritrean troops on the border with Tigray.
  • The Chief Executive Director of Ayder Specialised Hospital in Mekelle, Dr. Kibrom Gebreselassie, warns it has been two years since millions of children in Tigray region had access to vaccines.
  • The maternal and child health coordination case team at the Tigray Health Bureau has issued a letter to the Vaccine Alliance, asking to help vaccinate the Tigrayan children.
  • The case team says that children in Tigray are dying from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 07 September)

  • Addis Standard says journalist Gobeze Sisay, the owner of Amhara Voice, an internet based media, was detained on Wednesday by federal police security forces. The police also carried out a one-hour long search of his home.

Regional Situation (per 07 September)

  • The IPC Famine Review Committee, activated on 5 august 2022, published its first report, together with several recommendations.
  • According to the report, parts of Bay Region in Somalia are expected to enter IPC phase 5, famine, between October and December 2022 unless significant action is taken. This is due to the projected failure of the fifth consecutive rain season.
  • The protracted drought has depleted the coping mechanisms of the population, according to the report. The UN estimates that to avert the famine in Somalia, at least USD 1 billion is needed.
  • Bloomberg reports that since the military took power in October 2021, the progress made following the democratic transition in Sudan is undone. Islamic law is enforced more rigorously.
  • Bloomberg mentions the establishment of a police unit charged with enforcing “morals”. Non-islamic religious groups are reportedly being targeted, and protestors are being treated more aggressively, with hundreds killed or arrested.
  • The Forces for Freedom and Change – Central Council (FFC-CC) representatives walked out of a meeting organised by the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE between opposition party representatives and the Sudanese military government.
  • Reportedly the FFC-CC withdrew after it realised that National Accord Forces (NAF) representatives were present. NAF is dominated  by Darfur Rebels. Other rebel movements were absent.
  • The Sudanese military reportedly did not send representatives to the meeting  either.

International  Situation (per 07 September)

  • 15 people were arrested by London police following protests in front of the Eritrean Embassy. Police say they were arrested for disturbing public order and wilful obstruction of the highway.
  • Protestors dispute that they were “rioting” or that they clashed with the police. They add that they complied with police requests to move back. The protestors say they were targeted by Eritrean “government gangs”, and were being incited by them to provoke a response.
  • Member of the UK House of Lord, David Alton, has called for those responsible for bombing civilians in Tigray and weaponising rape and starvation to be brought to justice.
  • He also urged for the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Tigray and coined Tigray as Africa’s Ukraine.
  • China has removed 98% of tariffs on agricultural and mineral imports originating from nine African countries, including Eritrea, Djibouti, and Sudan.
  • Chinese President Xi says China aims to boost imports by USD 300 billion over the next three years.

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