Dutch police call for information about intimidation at PFDJ Festival – under terrorism law

The Dutch police have opened a special line for the Eritrean Community to report any threats in relation to the PFDJ Festival. This follows legal action taken by the community to prevent hate-speech at this Saturday’s Festival.

Source: Netherlands Police

Dutch Police Open Dedicated line for PFDJ Festival threats

The Dutch Eritrean community has reported to police en masse that they feel under threat as a result of the PFDJ Festival. The refugees have sent around 500 letters to the Dutch authorities – arguing that the festival is an event at which hate-driven messages are spread.

The Eritrean community are scanning all future events to prevent this happening again.



  1. The PFDJ Regime is conquering the Eritrean people inside the country by terror and intimidation of brutal Gestapo type fear. Again it is following this type of intimidation terror wherever Eritrean resides all over the world. This terrorist regime organize fanfare music events and make speeches of terror and intimidation campaigns against those who stood for democratization of Eritrea and rule of law. We urge all Peace Loving nations and states to ban this type of intimidation and disruptor force who is also a spoiler of peace in the Horn of Africa and international peace at large.

    1. It is way way overdue to fight for justice, democracy and equality for peace loving citizens of 🇪🇷, however, you have started it, what i can say is unit, keep fighting and it is achievable as long as you stand for people’s right.
      Dutch is not going to harbour
      them anymore. Enough is Enough. Not in 🇸🇽 !!

  2. PFDJ is an inrresponsible group they don’t care about the people’s suffering.they only care about thir business.

  3. This peaceful community gathering been there for more than 40 years. Anyone who tries to intimidate the community will be held accountable.

    1. Totalitarianism refers to an authoritarian political system or state that regulates and controls nearly every aspect of the public and private sectors. Totalitarian regimes establish complete political, social, and cultural control over their subjects, and are usually headed by a charismatic leader. In general, Totalitarianism involves a single mass party, typically led by a dictator; an attempt to mobilize the entire population in support of the official state ideology; and an intolerance of activities which are not directed towards the goals of the state, usually entailing repression and state control of business, labor unions, churches and political parties. A totalitarian regime is essentially a modern form of authoritarian state, requiring as it does an advanced technology of social control.

      Totalitarian regimes or movements tend to offer the prospect of a glorious, yet imaginary, future to a frustrated population, and to portray Western democracies and their values as decadent, with people too soft, too pleasure-loving and too selfish to sacrifice for a higher cause. They maintain themselves in political power by various means, including secret police, propaganda disseminated through the state-controlled mass media, personality cults, the regulation and restriction of free speech, single-party states, the use of mass surveillance and the widespread use of intimidation and terror tactics.

  4. Every Eritrean should report those threats and any individuals who have ties with the dictator in Asmara. 2% so called tax on those who lives abroad is a money laundering and should be prosecuted.

  5. PFDJ ERITREA They Are criminal
    They Arresten so Many Journalisten and politician. Please stop PFDJ In Europe and America.

  6. PFDJ is an inrresponsible group they kill the people for nonsense, there isn’t any access as long as this government stay in the country people will suffer The artist who come in Netherland on Saturday 13 in August just will preach for hate and politically , propaganda.

    1. It is way way overdue to fight for justice, democracy and equality for peace loving citizens of , however, you have started it, what i can say is unit, keep fighting and it is achievable as long as you stand for people’s right.
      Dutch is not going to harbour
      them anymore. Enough is Enough. Not in

  7. I pitty all Eritreans for their fate to live in slavery, first by foreign powers, then by their own tyrant leader Isaias Afework. He hates the people and believes the country is his own property. In fact, he believes the whole of East Africa should be under his jurisdiction. The guy has all types of symptoms of a sick, sick person. He lacks all types of empathy and enjoys torturing others. The one and only one I can not understand is those who support him or can I say those who bow for him. How selfish can a human being be to choose slavery for the sake of material things? He has made them co-criminals and they will be judged in history for generations to come and yet they are on his side.

  8. The PFDJ should be banned in every country. It is irresponsible to let individuals represent a regime that is supporting unfair treatment of its citizens. Therefore I apply to all country’s around the world, especially Germany because they have on of the largest diaspora of Eritrean people, to forbid these kind of events.

  9. The Law of the country needs to be observed by everyone.
    No war mongering speeches
    No ethnic or group of people should be disadvantages or e cited to fight / war.
    No opposition member to the death pot in Eritrea should be called names denying their nationality
    No refugee should be subjected to presure by the one and only one made to leave their country (mafia)

    1. this is unbelievable what the Eritrean regime is doing to its own people. it has to end here. just sad to see how the Eritrean people suffering.

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