Did Berhanu Nega ghost-write PM Abiy’s “Medemer?”

Here’s a thing.

This email exchange apparently written by the former Dimbot 7 leader, Berhanu Nega, suggests he wrote part of Prime Minister’s book, Medemer, containing his vision of the future of Ethiopia.

Is it authentic?

If so, it provides an interesting insight into origins of the book.




  1. I would not be surprised if everything Abiy says he is an author of is done by ghostwriters. The guy is fake all over himself. Isaias, Berhanu, and many others are using him since they know he is a small child hungry for power and attention. He is street smart and the best deceptive salesman with 100 faces. Nothing he writes about is lived up to by him. It is almost like he does the opposite. His medemer is about democracy, love, and understanding far from what he is saying today to the world. He is angry because the US and others are not approving his claim for impunity to eradicate the people of Tigray. He believes they should be satisfied by his deceptive promises and stop bothering implementations.

    In reality, he is undemocratic and can not accept anyone who opposes him. Now he even wants to punish the USA, laughable.

  2. It is sad 115 million Ethiopians are lead by an emotional and power hungry grade 7 child Abiy Ahmed that lacks basic skills of leadership. He has invited Issayas to help him keep his power hungry wishes and Issayas is messing up our country. Ethiopia has never been in this bad situation in history. What is sad is also those dogs around him that wants to eat the remnants and fill their stomach. So sad Ethiopia to see at the lowest level even worst than south Sudan. When will Ethiopians say enough is enough before we see Ethiopia’s collapse.

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