Brussels: Tigray demonstration demands action from European and African leaders

“We are under siege, we are under heavy punishment. People are dying in Tigray.

The world knows but they do nothing about it. The world is silent. We are disappointed.

The genocide is already 16 month. You see how the people are here. I don’t know if my parents are alive. We are completely in a blackout.

Everyone has lost family. We hope the policy makers and those in power decide to take action to save the people of Tigray. The world has forgotten us.”

Tadesse Gebreegzabier

“Free Tigrayan people from starvation. We need everything. It is blocked. Please stop bombing and drones.

We can’t communicate with our family. We cannot support them. They are in danger now. The most import: we need a free Tigray. There is a genocide which must stop. The president is lying to us and to the world. Through the frame of Issayas; Issayas is a killer.

The Eritrean soldiers killed my friend in front of me. They tried to kill me. They killed my father and my little brother because I fled. They shot them in front of our house.

My brother was 21 years old. I am a filmmaker; they took everything from my studio.”

Temesgen Yusuf. A journalist and filmmaker who fled from Ethiopia 9 months ago


  1. Playing victim and confuse the world same time killing poor Amharas and Afars. This game will be over. TPlF should be buried in a deep grave.

  2. It’s sad how the fate of so many innocent civilians is being sealed in Brussels by endorsing the genocidal acts of the PM of Ethiopia. For them it’s a chess game and it’s all about prioritizing their interests and not necessarily about saving lives. We are all guilty for not standing up in solidarity with our fellow human beings. My heart goes out to Tigrayans in Ethiopia and all the rest of the world. My heart reaches out to all Ethiopians who have been suffering as a result of this adventurous and needless war that Abiy and Afeworki have started.

  3. The Amhara and Eritrea bandits are destroying Ethiopia by the demands of fascist Abiy and Issayas. Four years of Abiy has been a year of war, starvation and displacement. Bilgina party has no clue how to administer Ethiopia.

  4. Stop Starving, and killing Tegaru, Oromos, Kimant, Agew, and rest of innocent and unarmed civilians !! says:

    The tradition  of peaceful  co-existence and tolerance that we have inherited  from our forefathers and  cultivated it for so long  has been hugely ruined   by this conflict. By the time genocide the Eritrean regime leader and his disciple Abiy Ahmed declared a total war and genocide on Tigray , Ethiopians are in possession of a valid license to carry out arbitrary arrest  and  mass killings  of Tegaru ;and the confiscation of  hard-earned valuable assets of Tigray has been an alternative means of  starving, and weakening  Tigray  . This gruesome reality been imposed on Tigray by the current genocidal regime of Abiy Ahmed who gave a green light to  his subjects  to go against Tegaru and the  rest of nationalities    opposing his kingship and dominance. In other words, genocide on Tigray has been   decriminalized and mass killings of Tegaru have become a norm and adopted as a newly curved cultural element  to Ethiopians. Once such horrendous crimes of deliberate starving, arresting and killings of Tegaru  remain normal and justified by legal and political elites, people  will  wholeheartedly  speak up about it and boldly exhibit their  war crimes like what Geremew Demse  is doing   now just like a heroic act .

    Bring perpetrators like him to ICC, and make sure that they have received the appropriate reward for their brutal deeds against our innocent and unarmed people of Tigray. Let Justice be served !

    Stop Starving, and killing Tegaru, Oromos, Kimant, Agew, and rest of innocent and unarmed civilians !!

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