British government confirms Eritrean troops are fighting in the Tigray war

“There are multiple credible reports that there are Eritreans fighting in Tigray”

Source: Lord David Alton

In a recent meeting with senior members of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Parliamentarians were briefed on recent developments in Tigray

Dec 16, 2020

The Government of Ethiopia has confirmed that it shot at a UN convoy.

Following concerns expressed in the House of Lords about the plight of people being caught up in the horrors of war, Parliamentarians who have been following events in Tigray and Ethiopia have been asking some searching questions of the UK Government and the international community.

In a recent meeting with senior members of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Members of the Lords and Commons were told the following points:

  • There are multiple credible reports that there are Eritreans fighting in Tigray.
  • There are credible and deeply concerning reports that refugees have been abducted and/or returned to Eritrea.
  • China (despite their position on non-interference in internal affairs) share concerns about the potential impact of the Tigray conflict on wider Ethiopian and regional stability. This is due to significant investments in the country, including Tigray.
  • There is a growing international consensus that any involvement by regional parties would have a dangerous impact on regional stability.
  • The Government of Ethiopia (GoE) has confirmed that it shot at a UN convoy but the UN hasn’t commented. The GoE now want the UN to travel in armed convoys but the UN haven’t agreed to that as yet.
  • It is probable that there have been atrocities committed on both sides.
  • There is a possibility that the TPLF engage in a protracted insurgency.
  • Both Eritrea and Amhara are currently occupying land in Tigray. That Amhara and Eritrea have moved into areas of Tigray increases the risks of popular support among Tigrayans.
  • While the expectation is that federal Ethiopia holds together, protracted ethnic conflict within Ethiopia  – in and beyond Tigray – means that disintegration cannot be discounted.
  • The Ethiopian Government have stopped humanitarian aid from reaching their own people.
  • An additional £5 million has been made available by HMG to Sudan to assist with the refugee crisis.


  1. Thank you British Government for providing the needed help to the Tigrayan refugees in Sudan. Please if could use your influence to force Abiy Ahmed to allow the humanitarian aids to pass through to the Tigray people who needs it desperately. The Eritrean Government needs to remove his Troops from Tigray and they need to stop killing the Tigray people and stop looting and destroying Tigray. Abiy Ahmed and Isaias of Eritrea are working hard to starve the people and destroy the infrastructures

  2. Thank you for this information. Even though I know this from my source, It’s more credible for others when it comes from sources like you.
    I have my family in sentral Tigray and I fear they might die of hunger, Even if they survive the war!
    So please keep highliting the need of opening z corridor.

  3. As Eritrean, I am against Eritrean forces involved in the war in Tigray. The international community should pressure to the government of Eritrean (Mr Isaias Afewerki) withdraw immediately.
    I am also against other powers involvement such as Amhara forces, UAE drones and Saudi Arabia.
    Abby Ahmed should stop atrocities rather find a peaceful solution.

  4. In July 2920 We warned the world via its international outlet that disaster is looming on the Horn of Africa. No one heeded. Dr. DebreTsion wrote to 72 Gov’ts on the same no one heeded. Now who is going to foot the bill?

  5. Dear sir,
    I am originally from Tigray, Wukro district. I just found out my cousins have been killed by Eritrean soldiers. According to the information I got, 33 civilian men including priests were killed from Negash county alone. More than 200 young men in Wukro town were shot dead by Eritrean troops in one day. They just go door to door and kill with out even talking to the victims. Such cruelty is hard to comprehend for Tigrayans who have been caught in this conflict with out their interest. I can supply the names of people killed and their counties. The looting of properties by Eritrean troops sponsored by the government of Ethiopian (goE) forces is unimaginable. The physical and psychological trauma caused by the invading Amhara forces, Eritrean forces and goE forces of the Tigray people is extreme. Thank you for what you are doing but we need swift action now
    1. To pressure the government of Eritrea to pull out its troops from Tigray immediately.
    2. To pressure government of Ethiopia to pull the invading Amhara forces out of Tigray
    3. Pressure the waring parties to come to a table of negotiations and immediately to cease fire.
    4. Denounce the puppet government of Tigray sent by the illegitimate PM and allow the elected government of Tigray to govern the people of Tigray.
    Thank you.

    1. Please provide the details of the victims in wekro
      WeTegaru have to supply the details of the atrocities committed by the Eritrean soldiers and Abiy Ahmed’s soldiers and militias Tigray to the international community the of Tigray have gone for six weeks without basic necessities of life image people in developed countries going without basic necessities for five days

  6. Thank you so much Britain for understanding the situation. However, even one more day may kill the Eritrean refugees who are thrown without food in the wilderness of Tigray.

  7. Our people are in a deep catastrophe by none elected junta govt of Ethiopia and mercenary Eritrea govt thanks for assuring what is going on

  8. We knew this from the very begynnande but nobody wanted to listen to us! My first cousin is a soldier for almost 18 years in Eritrea now he is in Tigray fighting for the dictator Isayas! We hope he is still alive! He is the onley son my Uncle brought to this world.

  9. The international community through UN SC must stop the madness plot of the three satanic alliance of dictators of Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed, Afowerki of Eritrea and ruthless clan oriented dictator of Somalia who signed the so called “Horn Integration Pact” in which they conspired to keep power of their respective countries by assisting each other militarily and to conduct rigged elections after getting rid of all opposition figures by killing and jailing all political leaders.

    They started their vicious plot by raising Oromo federal state killing hundreds and jailing more than nine thousand person, then the Tigray invasion started which used all the military’s resources.

    The overall plan is to hold on power and cancelling the federal system and return the old guards of Amhara feudalism.

    But I don’t this will possible as all eight out of nine states oppose and resist this fascism that could cause Ethiopia to collapse and disintegrate if international community doesn’t interfere and hold the war criminals on account.

  10. It’s very shame that 3 countries alliance against one province has 5mln people just to vanish them by blocking all the basic necessities left in dark,raining bombs on every day,looting their property this tragic must be primarily in history.the world should act ASAP even though it’s too late.this 2 dictators Ethiopian pm abyi & Eretrean esyas must be attend to International court for doing war crime on tigray civilians.

  11. The international community must stop the killing spree these two tyrants, Isayas and Abiye, have been engaged in Tigray for the last 7 weeks. Haven’t they shed too much blood and looted too much property already? The two men, who have made a mockery of International Law must be held accountable for the massacre they have committed against the people of Tigray.

  12. Peaceful nations of the world, the EU, the USA government, the UK government, please push Abiy ahmad to allow humanitarian assistance to the people of Tigray. Immediate Independent foreigners to be allowed in the genocide investigation in mycadra. The every day of killing of oromo genocide must be stoped.

  13. This is illegal . The question is what has been done about it so far ! Where is the UN, THE SUPER-POWERS and so many others who claim they stand for justice ? Are we – the humanity – not going ever to grow from being hypocrites ?
    Space will not suffice to list massacres and like injustices done in this century alone ; all the while we being the OBSERVERD . Is this one more we gonna blubbur about later ?

    I wonder !

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