BREAKING: President Isaias alive, seen in Asmara, after stroke

This information is corroborated by another source, which says President Isaias was seen at his favourite dam.

“Arbi Harnet (Freedom Friday) sources have confirmed, this afternoon, that Issias Afwerki, is alive and it is ‘business as usual’ in Eritrea.

The underground movement’s sources have established that Isaias did indeed suffer what they think was a minor stroke, for which he received treatment in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

They also heard that medical opinion was that he shouldn’t continue with his responsibilities as a head of state.

However, as far as they can see this medical advise doesn’t appear to be being followed.

Two days ago Isaias was making a point of visibly touring the capital Asmara.

The city is deserted because of the stringent measures in place as a result of COVID-19, however those with permits to be out and about report several sightings across Asmara.”



  1. If this is the case then he is playing a game using a timing of covid -19 lockdown which is related to 9/11, when G -15 was arrested and throwing to jail in September 2001.What a Joke ! What a Game !

    1. It’s very true what he did in 2001 to the pfdj and I hope he gets killed while he celebrating 24 may cos he dosnt deserve to celebrate he is traitor and sesue kelbi . He is eating us all eritreans and spitting us out. But ye I’ve escaped from his mouth. Les wait till he dies and hopefully everything changes ab adna eri.


  3. I wish him long life! I pray to St Mary for his speedy recovery! He should live at least until he cripples Woyane for good and recompenses Ethiopia for all the destruction he caused in his lifetime. I love President Esayas Afewerki!

    1. I appreciate that you support President Isaias – that is your right. But does it really require you calling for the destruction of Ethiopians? Surely not very Christian.

      1. I am so disappointed with some Eritreans support the dictator. All this Eritreans they support the regim are in a very comfortable country they are saying all this shit. People in Eritrea are suffering worst than you can imagine 🤦🏽‍♀️. I am so disappointed for been called Eritrea with such people.

        1. That is definitely 100 /. Percent true . These are people who claim to be happy with the heartbreaking conditions that is occurring in eritrea. Cus we all know that no one can stand say this all shit had said ,Cuz who really love his mother country or who left his family behind. He / she couldn’t say this all shit. Sincerely to say the truth all eritrean we hate this current government’s cuz is among the worst and dictatorships government in the world

      2. You are talking about a region of coexistance between the two religions. So,it is a choice of ignorance to mention religion in political topics.

    2. Understandable. PP peeing as to what will happen to the traitors in Addis after the death of ‘Il maccelaio di Iraiiro’
      The butcher of Iraiiro.

    3. He is a self made president , He was never elected by the Eritrean people , and to say the least he has no intention of giving the Eritrean people their own democratic rights to select their own president. He is a daylight murderer, and a disgrace to the Eritrean martyrs. In all honesty the self made president should be hanged just like his peers such as Saddam Hussein.

      1. Have you seen a liberation front leader relinquishing power to the people he fooled for over a quarter of a century?
        Don’t blame him, blame yourself for startling a futile movement of liberation, while you could negotiate for better relationship.

      2. Bingo!…100% agree with you. btw…where is ciham ali abdu who has been missing by his hands since she was 15 years old??

  4. The Eritrean people want him dead. He
    has been playing the children’s game of “Hide and seek” like all dictators. It is time he licks the dust. Kim Jong Un is dead too.
    May be the Novel Corona virus is killing

  5. Time is up for the unhinged dictator
    to expire. He has done so much to Eritrea and Eritreans that no one
    will miss him, no one will R.I.P him
    and no will grieve him.
    There is a traditional saying in Eritrea
    which goes like this,
    Wedi anbessa kimeut kiber
    Abo anbessa kimeut aadi we all.
    When the king lions son dies go to the funeral, when the king lions itself dies
    stay in the village.

  6. Isaias might have sustained health setbacks, or he could well be doing another go of hide-and-seek. we are all pretty familiar with these.

    Be that as it may, how does it make sense, to think of a doctor advising a DICTATOR not continue as a head of state? And if this may be the case, how could the confidentiality between a doctor and patient, particularly at this rank, make such sensitive info accessible to individuals?

  7. So many political prisoners! A nations strength is in its capacity to engage dissenters with respect and reject fear. Bring new life into Eritrea – free all dissenters and political prisoners!

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  9. Can it be ascertained that some prisoners were released because of Covid? This would be a great blessing.

  10. I am praying that he sees the light of his creator – Jesus, and turns from the darkness he is living in, confesses the evil he is perpetrating, and repents. Ultimately every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is lord (Romans 14:11).

  11. Isaias thinks he is God. He is offending almighty God and an end will come of him soon!! Come Lord Jesus!

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