BBC Interview with doctor who fled to Sudan: Shelling of Humera by Eritrea, Amhara attackers

This interview was with Dr Tewedros Tefera, who worked at the main hospital in the Tigrayan Humera, close to the border with Eritrea and Sudan by the BBC’s Julian Marshal on Newshour on 4th of December.

Dr Tewedros describes what happened when the town was attacked on 8th of November.

Dr Tewedros says that the shelling came from the the north and the east.

The northern shelling came – he says – from Eritrea, which is just 200 metres from the town.

The shelling was followed up by the Amhara militia known as the ‘Fanos’.

He says on the first day 15 people died and 75 people were wounded. The whole town was hit by the shelling.


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  1. I am puzzled by this reporting,
    Where this place in Ethiopia, there is no Tigrayan Humera, it is Humera the Hyphenated is to legitimize TPLF plunder of jerrymandering.
    BBC by now should know that Eritrea is not involved at all as a matter of fact it even did not care to respond to the rocket attack twice. TPLF did the Rocket attack to pull in Eritrea to the war so that it may look international war, the US state department has condemned the act and disclosed the intent as internationalizing the attack. BBC should also be aware of the fact that TPLF and its supporters implicated United Arab Emirates as well as some African countries.
    Julian Marshal, a seasoned journalist, whom I admired and enjoy his reporting since I start understanding English should know better about the sensitivity of his one-sided interview and pass it as a fact. To me this is journalism activism, for lack of a better word.
    Amazing statement “The northern shelling came – he says – from Eritrea, which is just 200 meters from the town.” Did he see when it left the barrel of the canon from 200 meters or did, he check the marking on shells and then trace it to Eritrea. How can “The whole town was hit by the shelling.” And causality is so minimal, according to his statement the shelling was almost carpet shelling and as such noting that moves and standing should be spared.
    I suspect this is reporting using BBC as crunch to get attention misinforming readers with out of context quates and leaving disclaimers out, I hope BBC will see to it that this is corrected.

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