An Irob village under attack

This is the story of a village in the Irob area, on the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

It comes from Rita – whose uncle sent it to her.

“We are a minority ethnic group in Tigray.

Eritrean troops arrived in the area and then went from village to village – massacring people as they went.

The only people who survived are those who hid in the mountains after people ran through the village shouting: “Hide! The enemy is here!”

We know some of those who were killed personally – we have their names.

President Isaias Afwerki has a particular hatred for the people of Irob. It is home to one of the first official academic schools in Ethiopia.”



  1. I invite to to watch assena atv .The pastor is exposing the crime, rape, killings committed both in Eritrea and tigray by shabia, isayas soldiers. He also exposed General philipos as a renowed rapist who commited crime against teenagers in eritrea. He underscore the fact eritrean soldiers and their chiefs are known to commit heinous crimes against their own people in eritrea let alone in Tigray .

    There is abnoxious military force in the world like that of eritrean army, in his own words. eritreans will pay the price and harvest what the current regime is committing against Tigrians , Oromos and other nationalities.

  2. StopGenocidelnTigray#StopwarTigray#eritreansoldiersoutofTigray Human Rights Wach Amnesty International Amnesty International USA European Parlament Joe Bilden#Biden#Biden TakeAction

  3. Is today’s Ethiopia a colony of Eritrea?

    Under the leadership of PM Abiy, the only country in Africa that has NEVER been colonised, finds itself under the control of Eritrea – colonised for the first time in its long and proud history. A country of 114 million colonised by a tiny country of 4 million. How can this be possible? Where are the proud and heroic Ethiopians?

    Under the leadership of Isias Afeworki, Ethiopia has moved to a dictatorship of the worst kind in just 74 days. Looting, destruction, rape and killings are now a daily occurrence in Isiais’ Ethiopia – as Eritrea has found itself in the last 28 years.

    What happened to the proud Ethiopian people:? I ask myself repeatedly. But sadly I have no answer.

    I fear if all Ethiopians do not rise up against Eritrean occupation now and immediately, this may be the end of Ethiopia as we know it. Isias would the have achieved his long time and openly spoken ambition i.e. an utter and a complete destruction of Ethiopia. How can you let that happen to your beloved country of Ethiopia by a foreign power?

    I say to my brothers and sisters in Ethiopia: Save your country before it is too late. It would be a tragedy of the extreme if Ethiopia was to become another Eritrea – a failed state under the rule of one man, and unstable at that.

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