UPDATE: Latest from Tigray

Phone calls to Tigray has provided this picture of the current situation.

Contrary to some reports, the towns of Shire and Sheraro are not under attack and are in Tigrayan hands.

There was some fighting in the border town of Badme, but this has now ended and is apparently also controlled by Tigray.

The most serious conflict has been around the western town of Humera, which has been very fierce. It is said to have ended at 6.00 pm on Wednesday, but its not clear who controls the town.

At least ten airstrikes have taken place, with the capital, Mekelle and the towns of Adigrat and Alamata having been hit.

In Addis Ababa a purge is under way of anyone who speaks Tigrinya – including Eritreans.

Many have lost their jobs and have been harassed and detained. This includes the removal of the licenses of taxi drivers at the airport.

This witch-hunt has caused much resentment from among ordinary people, the majority of whom have played no part in the current conflict.


  1. Thanks for sharing.
    Tigray will prevail again. My people are brave and have seen the worst!

    May God be with Tigray.

  2. What is goingin Ethiopa is not a football game. It is a war.Even children understand the damage any war make in terms of human lose and distruction.Those who excitedly shout in support of one side or the other, as if it is a foot ball macth , should think a bit before shouting.It is easy to see things from far. The only solution is ceasfire and to start Discussing to bring Peace.

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