Eritrea’s attack on Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy

The Eritrean government has criticised the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed in a series of Tweets.

The Eritrean authorities have used TesfaNews for this purpose – one of the media outlets the government controls. The Tweets are reproduced below. Since the Tweets are not officially from the government, they are deniable, but no-one who knows Eritrea, and the vice-like grip the regime maintains over its media, will fail to see through this.

“Tigray separatist rebels leader (TPLF) vows to maintain and even strengthen its armed forces and will never negotiate about “disarmament” under any circumstances with the 🇪🇹 central gov’t. Hoping to attain “peace” in Northern Ethiopia through “negotiation”, without first achieving military superiority over the Tigray rebelious groups (i.e weakening them militarily) will be PM Abiy’s next biggest mistake.

“Disarmament and/or Demilitarizing TPLF/TDF are non-negotiable in our current or future talks with the  Ethiopian Federal gov’t as our military strength is our only security.” – TPLF Chairman, Debretsion. (Source: Tigray TV)

PM Abiy’s gov’t will soon transfer the 12 billion birr annual Tigray budget to TPLF and there is no guarantee that the rebel group will not misuse a chunk of the money to arm itself further.”

These remarks are the strongest criticism yet of PM Abiy and an indication of the split that appears to be widening between Asmara and Addis.

The TesfaNews Tweets were followed by a quote Tigray’s Debretsion saying that Tigray had a direct contact with the US State Department and this comment: “(FYI) Unconfirmed reports indicates that the town of Kobo today witnessed mobilization of thousands of Western Amhara Fano fighters to fend off the encroachment of their territories by the criminal TPLF separatist group.”



  1. The Eritrean gmt. and its crony, has to stop mongering lies and endles wars.
    We Eritreans are fed up of theses psycopats.
    Tigrai is part of Ethiopia. Why Eritrean gmt. has to dictate their internal problem? Stop.
    For 31 years he distroyed Eritrea and Eritean people, in all means. He put his nose, in Jibuti, Sudan, Congo, Yemen, Ethiopia, in Irak war, now he bust Russian invasion in Ukrain. Enough.We have to concentraite on our home work.
    It’s time to throw them out, and search to live in peace with all our neghbors, and the world.
    The people of Eritrea doesn’t deserve all theses pain.

    1. It’s true, you are right , but Eritreans are must wake up? Otherwise issais son is coming to power to continue the 60th reign of his father.

  2. Tesfanews is not an Eritrean government media, it is just an individual who express his opinion in the scocial media platform. Sonot a government media.

  3. We’re absolutely UNCONCERNED of what Eritrea says, most especially to distort what TDF – TPLF stand for! Primarily because we are NOT terrorists as Eritrea continues to label us, considering especially the horrid massacres they’re most famous of, but simply because all their pathetic comments are nothing but wish-washes of sick minds!
    TDF – TPLF fight solely for the protection of our land: of our beloved mother land: TIGRAY!
    We’ll rebuild Tigray, we’ll make Tigray GREAT again with or without help, but definitely without Ethiopia or Eritrea!
    Who can stop us? With GOD by our side, NOT A SOUL can!

  4. We had enough of these enemy seeking desires of PIA.
    This mafia group have no idea on how to govern their individual homes leave alone a divers country like Eritrea.
    They do however know how to protect themselves but eliminating who they believe is a threat to the throne but not anylonger!

  5. Isaias can only make war friends, not peace. He is addicted, not only to nightly bottles of whiskey, but also to conflicts, wars and destruction from where he gets his pleasure.

    Isaias is a sick man. The sooner the Eritrean people deal with this drunken thug the better.

    There will never, ever be peace in Eritrea and the Horn of Africa while Isaias is around. Let’s hope Abiy has learned a lesson and find a way to remove this cancer once and for all.

    Despite our differences, the Ethiopian (Including the Tigrayans) and Eritrean people can leave harmoniously but only when Isaias is no more.

    1. What do you mean? You want to join them in one umbrella like Ethiopia?

      No way Eritrea is a free country which gotten our freedom by our power from Ethiopia colony. I agree to get rid this bustard dictator with his regime EPFDJ, then we Eritreans rebuild our country with all the available resources we have and live leading constitution democracy justice and Liberty to all Eritreans.

      This victorious fall dawn of Isais with his regime Eritreans can live harmoniously making peace with all Neighbouring countries.

  6. Best thing for TDF / Tigray is if Eritrea attacks. TDF can fight off their attack and then invade in turn. Fano can do nothing to help.

  7. Eritrean dictator and it’s cronies are the spoilers of horn region. The brutal dictator has destroyed Eritrea economically, Mede the people to leave in mass so no one will oppose him from inside the country, no crossed the boarder of Tigray and massacred innocent civilians. Why is the world not acting seriously on this mad dog?
    If Isaias stays in power the region will continue to bleed.

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