A heartbreaking appeal from inside Eritrea

The source of this information cannot be revealed. It is worth noting that even before the Covid-19 pandemic struck, the UN’s Children’s Organisation, had this to say about the situation in Eritrea: UNICEF has classified over 60% of Eritrean children under 5 as being “stunted, wasted or underweight.” To put it bluntly – they were close to starvation.

Eritrea was already in a bad condition before the worldwide pandemic occurred.

The citizens were facing serious political issues.

Children and adults were working hard to find the basic necessities for survival, which was difficult since the government provided no support.

Children of my age (and even younger) are being forced to work, instead of getting an education.

Like many poor countries, the Covid pandemic has made a bad situation even worse – financially, but also socially.

The government shut down  everything: grocery stores, small companies, etc.  which means that everyone caught up in the crisis now has no income.

As a result, thousands and thousands of citizen are starving to death.

Families are desperate. Family members are now risking their lives by going out to work, despite the government’s ban.

As a student, sister and a citizen of Eritrea I want to draw international attention to the situation in my homeland.

It breaks my heart to know that many people, like my family, are suffering.

It breaks my heart to know children can’t be children.

It breaks my heart to know more and more family members are being lost.

So please, I beg you, help the Eritreans to survive, to stand and to move forward.

And know that we need help now: the situation is urgent!


  1. A nation is disappearing. It’s painful!! We, Eritreans, should save our people and nation urgently.

  2. there is no nation my heart is brekeaking this the aim of issajas from 1970 he was inteligence of ethiopianes and americanes but the eritreanes the donow abuot him

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