War in Tigray in images: from the Abiy-Isaias-Farmaajo alliance to the Tigrayan-Oromo pact

The war in Tigray has seen many phases – from the joy of the peace deal between Eritrea and Ethiopia that saw Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed welcomed in Asmara in 2018, to the current alliance between the Oromo and Tigrayans.

It saw the outbreak of war in November 2020, with the bombing of Mekelle, and the Tigrayans driven out of the city – only to return in June 2021 in triumph.

Between these dates there were attacks on religious and historic sites; tragic massacres and the flight into Sudan.

Prime Minister Abiy first denied that Eritrean forces were fighting in Tigray, then admitted that they were. And the Somalis denied they had supplied troops to the war, and now admit that they did.

Here is a selection of photographs and cartoons that trace these developments, as war and famine still stalks the land.





  1. I actually watch the entire interview. he admitted sending 5k soldier for training in 🇪🇷. But he did their coming back those up coming weeks. The site will lose credibility if you guys post anything with double checking or atleast getting a someone who can understand Somali.

  2. Dear Sir,
    you write “…that saw Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed welcomed in Asmara in 1998…”.
    Please correct the year, it should be 2018.

  3. You can dream sitting at your beautiful home but on the ground everything is different. 85% of Ethiopian population stand and support Dr Abiy or his government. Ethiopia and its people are valued. Because we have wisdom, culturally and blood integrated. Now this is the right time to teach the world how we solve our problems and live United as one Ethiopian state. TPLF and OLF are in the wrong direction and never work together. False cooperation. Ethiopia will prevail and the world will learn. No more Libya, Seria, Yemen etc. You can write what ever you want and think you make money but our country will prevail.

    1. The 85% who stand & support genocider Abiy & his government are only because they have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER of his conniving lies. This is a fact Gizachew! Not trying to say anything other than what is verifiable FACT!
      All my life I knew we were brothers/sisters. I never knew there was a difference between us until this man in less than 3 years brought horrid havoc destroying thus 27 years of peace, harmony, prosperity – I am not saying there was perfection because that’s impossible anywhere in the world, but for truth sake, there is no way you can tell me that what is going on now is better than the 27 years of peace we enjoyed after Menghistu Hailemariam. Or perhaps you could justify to me why this man whom you say 85% of Ethiopia love, caused the death of 7 (seven) of my family members: the youngest was only 15, the oldest 52, farmers, civilians, never held a gun, never had hatred in their heart, never wronged anyone. This is impossible for myself and for the rest of our family to ever forget, though as GOD teaches us, we must forgive. At this time, I still cannot forgive, but as time goes on, for the sake of our children, our grandchildren and theirs, throughout Ethiopia, we must learn to forgive, indeed.
      As for Abiy Ahmed, I hope and pray to see him in a International Court for crimes committed against humanity. That’s the least he deserves along with his comrade in crimes Isaias Afeworki.
      I praise and thank Eritrea Hub for courageously bringing forth truths that although very ugly, must be – nonetheless, told and made known to the world.

  4. The horrific merciless genocide of Innocent Tigrians by 3 alliance countries,Ethiopia,Eritrea,Arab Emirates including the Amhara Fano & Militia are very painful witch left a black spot on every survivor of Tigrians mind that can’t be faded from generation to generation unless the two cruel devils Issayas Afewerki and Abyi Ahmed brought to ICC court and be accountable for the Genocide on humanity and for the loss of government institutions & looting private properties & etc.

    1. Thank you Hailu Abreha! Thank you! My feelings exactly and the feeling of all those of us who have lost dear ones in this meaningless conflict caused by the deranged insanity of a PM whose behavior can only be compared to Adolf Hitler’s.

    2. Thank you Hailu Abreha!
      I am stunned that there are still Ethiopians who refuse to see the horrific genocide of our people and literally praise that insane maniac, because literally, Abiy Ahmed, is nothing less than that & of course add also ‘liar’ to the list. This is an undeniable truth!!.
      I am stunned at the lack of compassion towards the people of Tigray who have been murdered, raped, starved, burned, drowned.
      Where is the compassion for people who are actually the true Ethiopians? Even if we weren’t, why do they call us the cancer of society as Hitler did of his own? Why do Amharas call us names & want our deaths? What exactly have we done to deserve so much hatred?
      Like you dear brother, I too pray to see Abiy Ahmed & Isaias Afeworki behind bars for crimes committed against humanity as they well deserve!
      One way or another, Abiy Ahmed must pay for what he alone has caused! There is no way out of that!
      Tigray Hager kt khown keribullo!

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