1. This is a positive sign that signals the beginning of the end of the thuggish regime in Asmara. Releasing prisoners is a common trick dictators play when they are cornered. When dictators see the end of their regime fast approaching they try to be nice and begin to do token gestures such releasing a few prisoners.

    Alas the Eritrea people are not fools. We will not rest until this evil cancerous man is surgically removed for our midst once and for all. He should be brought to the international court for crimes against humanity. If found guilt (which I’m sure he will) he should pay for his action in Idaga Hamus (the infamous Thursday Market), face the maximum penalty under Eritrean law and hanged. I am never one for capital punishment but those who are convicted of mass killings should face the same fate as their victims. So should Isias.

    The question now is who will go first; Baby Abiy or his godfather Isias? Time will tell.

  2. God has intervened according to many prayers. No country or individual can resist the blessings of God almighty. I continue to pray for the softening of Isaias heart and that he will release all political prisoners also. Eritrea’s strength lies in the freedom of its people. Eliminating the conscription and slave labour laws will also build a strong and hopeful nation. God bless the people of Eritrea!

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