UN confirms: no fall in Eritrean refugees arriving in Ethiopia

There is – at least so far – no sign that the number of Eritreans fleeing to Ethiopia is falling.

This is what the UNHCR had to say:

We haven’t seen any significant changes in the trend of arrivals since the  agreement was signed on July 9th. The difference between the numbers that have arrived in June and July is negligible. UNHCR registered 1,738 Eritrean refugees in July compared to 1,791 in June. These fluctuations are in the normal range.

The UN’s assessment is much in line with the story posted earlier by Selam Kidane.

Her notes from a visit to Hitsats refugee camp for Eritreans, in Tigray regional state, suggested that Eritreans were continuing to arrive in the same numbers as before the Ethiopia-Eritrea reconciliation.





  1. As long as , Eritrea s still under State of Emergecy (SoE) , no political prisoners , release , and no release to people who are victimes to enforced disappearance , no emplemention to 1997 constitution , I don’t think there wil be any change in Eritrea , that makes them stay inside Eritrea.Im afarid the numbers of Eritresn flee Afwergi’s Holocuste will increase .

  2. Border issue was never been a reason for the Eritreans losing their lives in side containers, deserts or in the seas. As long as the tyrant administration is in power, the situation will remain the same

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