Tigray war: Independent report of the battle for Nirak

The place name “Miraq” that appeared in Tigray related news stories is in reality: Nirak. Amhara forces were reportedly defeated by the Tigray Defence Force.

Nirak is located south of Finerwa, near Zamra bridge, Agaw-speaking area, Amhara region. Those who have been using that road may remember it as a very hot and dusty place, just before crossing the Zamra bridge.

Zamra river

Coordinates: 13.043882524358748, 38.98459969777301.


Nirak is also called Nerake or Abergele (see OSM extract below)

The Amhara forces were located in the school that can be seen at the south of the town (near the circle).

Nirak close up

According to information from a resident of Nirak, the TDF indeed won that battle, then temporarily occupied the base, took weapons, medicine and other items from the store, and moved out again.

Since TDF did not follow the road, they could not take the heavy weapons and lorries. Instead, they destroyed them.

Ethiopian forces came to support the Amhara forces in Nirak from the North; from Yechila. They also sustained heavy losses.

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