Tigray: TPLF statement

Source: TPLF

“The people of Tigray, it is great that you belong to us; it is great that we do not look across at you from the other side with envy; it is great that we are your offspring” – this saying of our living leader comrade Meles adequately expresses the all-inclusive golden history, the undying heroism and determination of our people. Indeed, it is great that you are our people!!
Our historical enemies, in alliance with countless forces, strove to destroy our people off the face of the earth. They massacred en masse children, old men and even spiritual fathers. In addition to the genocide, destruction and looting of the property of our nation and people, the rapes and persecution which they have carried out on the women of Tigray, is aimed at humiliating us as people and to make us bow our heads in shame.
The fascist army of Abiy Ahmed, invading forces of Isayas and expansionist Amhara forces worked in concert with all demonic forces who can throw at least a pebble to destroy the people of Tigray and inflicted injustice which our annals of history will never forgive.  They did all they could to destroy our land and our people; they are still continuing to do so.
But our people, who doesn’t bow down to challenges, who never gets exhausted to fight and who doesn’t yield to the countless injustice, has not submitted to the dreams of its enemies. Even now, as always, our people has abandoned its private issues and prioritizing Tigray above all things, is fighting for the sake of our land and our people. Our people, living either abroad or inside the country, is living day and night without rest only for Tigray.
Saying that it is worse than death to live in a humiliated Tigray and not afraid to give its forehead to a bullet, our people, who is living in liberated territory or among the enemy, is doing legendary deeds unheard of in world history. During times when our enemies are unhesitatingly massacring mothers and children, even children are singing ‘Tigray shall be victorious!’.
Indeed, Tigray shall be victorious! Our people, because you overcame all challenges and fought, because you didn’t bow your head exhausted by the suffering, as we have told you, you are on the verge of scoring  the victory you long for by burying your enemies. Since your struggle is for a just cause, it is a must that victory belongs to you. You shall ensure your liberty with your honorable struggle.
The oppressors, even while on the verge of death and with whatever time they are left with, are openly announcing what they would like to do. It is their standard policy to destroy our land and our people until their very last moment. Therefore, just like you have already started to do it, tie your waste with scab (show determination) and fight. Fighting spirit, struggle and victory belongs to you. Fight! Your liberty is in your hands!
Tigray shall be victorious!!
Eternal glory and honor to the martyrs of the past and the present!


    1. I doubt you know who these ppl are and their history. They don’t have bravery but cowardliness.

      1. You threw at them all the force you can mastèŕ plus foreign merceneries. Yet they hold you at bay.
        If that is not bravery, then we are not on the same dictionary.

  1. The pain can be enormous but Tigray never kneels down! No matter what it costs and takes, Tigray triumphs over its enemies because it is a just struggle for self determination; no force in history has defeated a mass struggle.

  2. There is no question, you will as always fight the devil to bring something right to your people. The Amharas will bow for you for generations to come in shame for what they deed and supported. They are Nazists and will remain so for histories to come.

  3. It sad what TPLF has done to Tigray, the very people they were supposed to serve and protect and to Ethiopia. They have dragged the nation into another senseless civil war. My heart goes to the innocent civilians who have lost their lives, the loved ones and their livelihood in Tigray as well as the rest of Ethiopia by TPLF and TPLF banda.
    The brute force TPLF used to subjugate Ethiopians in all corners of the country for nearly 30 years, the crimes against humanity and the looting of Ethiopian wealth and money for that long wasn’t enough for them and they wanted more.
    Their miscalculation exploded on their face and they (TPLF) is holding the poor people of Tigray who never benefited from TPLF rule in the countryside hostage and a battlefield. They went into the foxholes and it is our soldiers and the brainwashed ordinary people who are paying with their lives. So sad!!!! Ethiopia with its Tigray will and shall prevail. TPLF no more.

  4. As an Eritrean, I say to the people of Tigray, the abuses and atrocities you sadly now face are the very same heinous crimes committed on the Eritrean people for 30 years.

    Our women routinely raped, our youth enslaved in perpetuity, endless killings at the wimp of Isiais and his handful cliques. I can go on and on of the crimes these criminals have perpetrated on our people.

    Now, sadly, the crimes and atrocities they refined on our people are being exported to Tigray. But it won’t stop there.

    Let’s not be deluded, while the regime in Asmara remains in power there is no chance for peace in the Horn of Africa.

    These people are addicted to atrocities, conflicts and wars. They do not know the meaning of living in harmony and peace.

    We the people of the Horn of Africa must learn from our history and the fact that we are cursed with some of the most evil leaders.

    Time to unite as people, work to improve the lives of our people and bring peace to our region before they destroy us for good.

    The people of Eritrea shall be free and Tigray will win.

  5. As an Eritrean my support to the Tigray peaple is endless. At last you are the winner. There is a time where all the Criminals shall come to Justice. The peaple of Tigray And Eritrea will live side by side.
    Glory to the poeaple of Tigray and Eritrea.

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