Tigray: TPLF says Eritreans are calling for a demilitarised border zone along the Ethiopian frontier

Source: TPLF

Admonishes “certain Eritreans” who kept silent until Tigray gets completely destroyed and “when the people of Tigray started to rise up, are knocking the doors of governments and international organizations and have started asking for the establishment of ‘buffered demilitarized zone’.”
Claims that those to whom these Eritreans were pleading for the demilitarized zone (i.e. foreign diplomats) had informed him about their request.
“Even more, we have heard you saying ‘the Eritrean army has not withdrawn from Tigray because it didn’t get security guarantee from the Tigrayan side’. It is amazing!”
Claims that those to whom these Eritreans were pleading for the demilitarized zone (i.e. foreign diplomats) had informed him about their request.
Asserts that only Tigray and its people can have a say about the fate of TPLF or any other Tigrayan party; that the time when others interfered in the affairs of “the country of Tigray” has been closed.
Lists the despicable atrocities committed on the people of Tigray by the Eritrean forces and questions their sanity for requesting  an ‘international peacekeeping force’.
Implies scores will have to be settled (Let us meet where we ought to meet!) and closes with ‘Tigray shall prevail’. Warns the enemies of Tigray “wherever you go we will find you and bring you to justice.”


  1. Eritrean: those who are knocking gates of US, EU ,UK including other applicable state and non state requesting “ Buffered demilitarized Zone “ by going from office to office after six months committed “ atrocities “ “ethnic Cleansing and genocide “ on the people of Tigray is really amazing and even unquestionably matter ? Tigray is already “ Vandalized Hitler troops of Eritrea even invited Somalia troops ! After all when Tigreans youth has chosen life a death willing to defend their life and people by bravely fighting against all criminals of invaders , supporters of “ Hitler Issayas Afeworki of autocratic “ requesting Buffer is totally impossible beyond that it tells inhuman behavior. Because during six months those who are now requesting were very happy by acting atrocities, vandalism of their troops and their outlawed leader .

  2. Assuming this is credible, Tigray should categorically refuse any “buffered demilitarized zone”, Tigray should reject any ploy to limit the theater of war. By doing this, Tigray breathes.

  3. The Eritreans have no shame at all. After all the worst things they did to Tigray the think they will live peacefully?

  4. I honestly don’t know how to react to this, on one side I want the war to stop, enough suffering for my ppl, on the other hand the only thing that I was looking forward was and still is to see the appropriate payback to all the enemies of Tigray for all the crimes they commit.

  5. I am questioning the sanity of all sides involved in the war. I do not think TPLF seriously consider of cessation from the Ethiopian proper which the Tigray people played a key role. Cessation is not just economic or political alone it is phycological. However, why do not you all consider the ways you can draw lessons from what happened and use it to build a strong nation. Look 74 years ago Japanese decided never to play warmonger and look where it is now. You should start to feel the sufferings of ordinary citizens in Tigray and the rest of the country. Why are you always thinking war is the only and best way to end hostilities; there is something called dialogue which achieves a lasting peace without killing a single life and without destroying properties. Please consider the other options as well.

  6. The political elites, who cares for nothing but power, should be given room to decide on behalf of the people. I lived in Ethiopia and know there is no problem between the people there is only problem between the elites that are badly hungry for power and of course looting public fund. The people should tell them to stay away from war mongering and seeding hatred between people that is intractably intertwined with each other. Whenever I was there people look disciplined and hardworking but remained in abject poverty because they are toiling under the greedy politicians who are interested only in their own wealth disregarding the interests of the ordinary citizens and the nation as a whole. Shame, Shame, Shame!! Look forward to a fruitful political dialogue and an end to the current hostilities. Otherwise you will be an Egyptian toy.

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