Tigray: The looting of the Almeda textile factory in Adwa

The vindictive looting and destruction of the industrial infrastructure of Tigray by Eritrean and Ethiopian forces is one of the saddest and most pointless aspect of Tigray war.

The images above were tweeted by Desta Haileselassie who says they are of the Almeda textile factory, on the outskirts of Adwa. This is what he said:

Almeda textile factory was one of the leading textile manufacturers in #Tigray which offers employment opportunities for more than 5,300 people. The factory, as can be seen in the photos attached I received today, is now completely destroyed and looted by the Eritrean soldiers. Desta Haileselassie

This information is from the factory’s website – posted before the war.

At  7 Km from the center of the Adwa town on the main road to Axum and around 1,000 kms  from Addis Abeba the capital city of Ethiopia, Almeda Textile Plc is standing proudly in the middle of beautiful Mountains area. The factory is located 20kms away from Axum air port and is directly linked with the main seaport of Djibouti for import/export incidental.

ALMEDA TEXTILE SHARE COMPANY as a leading Textile manufacturer in Tigrai, Ethiopia at the horn of Africa. Almeda Textile is a non-governmental entity invested by endowment fund for rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) which is the total investment of 94.22 million US Dollar and sixty percent of total investment of Altex goes to all the brand new the most advanced Textile equipment which gives fully guarantee to quality and efficiency.

All EFFORT companies have been seized by the Ethiopian government. They are now controlled by the Ministry of Finance. The Federal Attorney General has announced the establishment of the Effort Corporate Group- Board of Trustees.

Ethiopia’s Minister of Finance, Eyob Tekalign, said the main objective of Board is to address gaps that might be caused due to the absence of leadership and to spearhead the return of EFFORT companies’ operations to normal business.

Below is a photograph of the factory when it was in full production



  1. The say their enemy is only TPLF but now it is clear that they are killing, looting and distructing Tigray region as whole. There is humman suffering in every part of Tigray. Their target is the people as a whole and they are enemy for the people.

    1. eritreans and amhara militia are destroying tigray and killing kids and youngsters. I know you will not post this message but i will post it in any other web where everyone could see it and your act is known to the world. Eritreans when they see they brothers are killed they start to work with tigrayans in abroad. They all are suffering from mental dsiorrder and aftermath of poverty and humilation of HIGDEF.

  2. The say their enemy is only TPLF but now it is clear that they are killing, looting and distructing Tigray region as whole. There is humman suffering in every part of Tigray. Their target is the people as a whole and they are enemy for the people.

  3. Many thanks to you, Desta for posting.
    What a savagery act.
    Destroying a textile factory where it’s location was not within a proximate fighting area is hard to understand. This simply shows the magnitude of misplaced hate the people who committed this act have.

  4. How can anyone argue or doubt Mekonnen’s comment?
    As a former Eritrean PCV I am distressed by this entire Tigray episode. Even more so IF Eritreans are significantly involved in incidents such as this textile factory.
    What else? Why??

  5. The Eritrean Government has denied emphatically that any Eritrean military forces have entered into Tigray. Where are the Eritrean forces captured in Tigray? Hard to believe the Tigray forces have not captured any of these intruders if indeed they have entered Tigray.

  6. I can’t believe the world just watching Tigray genocide, Kids are starving dying on the street ,hungry ,touristy ,no food ,no medication ,no telecommunication, no electricity …..why I don’t understand Abiy Ahimed Ethiopian pm is killing Hundreds,thousands of people

  7. This is the vice deed of the bandit Abiy Ahmed. This shows how Tigrians are hated by the prosperous party leaders and their cruel soldiers in particular and the people of Ethiopia in general. Thus, strongly we have to strengthen our unity and fight against them until ensuring our independence from the ugliest country Ethiopia.

  8. This is simply totally destruction of Tigrean companies in order to keep all Tigrean people poor for generations to come . The Tigrean people work day and nights to develop their lands and why do the Eritrean have to destroy everything the Tigrean worked for the last 35 years? I don’t understand how those lazy, traitors became the enemies of all Tigrean people? This will never be forgotten for millions of years to come. Tigray paid heavy sacrifices for Eritrean independence and Tigray have been heaven for all Eritrean refugees and they turned around destroying and killing innocent ,defenseless innocent Tigrean people. I don’t have any idea how much those people hate tigrean people, and they’re going to pay for it.

  9. Evil Issayas destroys Eritrea an,d now he is destroying Tigray. This is the product of Eritrean revolution. killing, killing and killing. It had better to build the street of Asmara than fighting wilth milion dallars.
    What happend in Tigray has a big consquence in the coming years in Eritrea. At last Eritrean inteligence is below average.

  10. This campaign by Abiy and Isayas to utterly destroy Tigray, as much as it breaks the heart of every Tigrawai/Tigrawoiti, it has enraged Tegaru all over the globe and are swearing to revenge

  11. …this is a prise provided to Isaias Afeworki for his immeasurable support , while Abiy Ahmed illegitimatly invaded Tigray…where is the rule of law !?…where is the law for the protection of about 6 million relative-minorities ?!…is there any means to let peace of the people possibly be regained to where it has been before the atrocity war of ‘Abiy+Isaias’…?!

    Where is the world community responsible for the protection of innocent peoples in Tigray ?!

  12. So what??? Facist TPLF deserves worse than this. EFFORT have looted our money to establish countless business’s. They have never paid back the money they have got from the Ethiopian development bank. They have never paid interest on the loans. They used to get preferential treatments to win contracts or to damp their products in the market to make other business out of competition. These companies should be shut & the money should be given to those people who have suffered during the facist TPLF administration

  13. Mister Abiy Ahmed and his followers thought to hide human injury or other destructions during the Tigray conflict by shuts down the Tigray’s internet, telephone and electricity, but the truth is out finally worldwide. It’s a crime to dismantle everything that the people have built up throughout their lives. It’s foolishness to bomb people including a small factory that people use for their daily lives. Mister Abiy Ahmed and his follower/soldiers should be ashamed, their behavior towards Tigray is unforgivable, Tigray is a little province with a little native but why does Isaias Afewerki involve in Tigray conflict. The African Union Commission could make a quick decision to stop the conflict peacefully when human rights are violated. It’s strange a peace Nobel laureates made an ethnic vandalism. As a leader he could use the country’s economy in welfare instead of war against his own people. The Tigray people have not more strength to accept bad treatment from those two despotisms leaders. It’s time the Isaias Afwerki’s soldiers to leave immediately Tigray who plunder the Tigray assets, kills innocent youth and raped women and children. History will pay all disaster that happened in Tigray. The Tigray people have the ability to defend their enemies and rebuilt all the factories that is looted by Mister Abiy Ahmed and his followers.

    1. Why don’t you go there and try to evict the Eritrean forces? Put your big boys pant and try….you be buried just like the junta 6 feet under.

  14. No one should be happy by what happened recently in Tigrai, but it happened due to the Weyane’s ill doctrine to wards Eritreans in particular and divided and rule approach in Ethiopia’s politics in general.
    Remember when 90,000 Eritreans and Ethiopians of Eritrean origin deported looted their properties and destroyed their entire lives by the Junta during Eri-Ethio ostensibly border war, due to their Eritrean eye colour. Where were guys? Why you did not say even a shred of word to object the Junta’s wicked and an evil deeds against the innocent Eritrean civilians ?
    Remember too that the Junta forces destroyed an economic infrastructures in Western lowland Eritrea such as a big cotton ginning factory, destroyed Eritrean MARTYS’ monument, excavated their cemeteries and so forth.
    and . Alas!!! It is sad indeed to see that the poor civilian Tegarus are suffering in this unfortunate war in pursue the Woyane Junta Judas.

  15. .…..Some years back I was one of the Tech . Who install, erect and commissioning the project spent day and night hard work which comprises top notch machines from Italy ,Germany , japan & Switzerland etc .sweating all day long to see full scale production. finally the Goal achieved the Textile factory begun production , more than 5000 employee hired in three shift . imagine this employee were support a minimum of 4-5 family members the total would be 20,000 minimum affected by this evil act of Eritrean Army ,Abiye and Neftegina Amhara full of hatred to ward Tigray looted ,vandalized and set fire the entire factory and let it burn for twelve days .How in the hell some one justify this is law enforcement for Gods sake .It is so sad.


    VOLUME 24, NUMBER 2, WINTER 1999

    The Deportation of Eritreans from Ethiopia: Human rights violations tolerated by the international community

    By Wendy Pitcher Wilson

    (The article is 45 pages long)

    Click on the link below to read the article.


  17. What is happening in Tigray is pure and simple an act of genocide with the intent to keep the survivors poor for generations to come. We have seen the legacy of Menilik’s policy on the Tigriyans of the 20th century. We had some sigh of relief when Tigriyans began to take their destiny into their hands during the time of the EPRDF. I have to admit to you that the TPLF was not a group of angels. They were undemocratic and corrupt. But what is taking place in Tigray at this time is kill them as much as you can and let the survivors remain poor or migrate to all corners of the world. Tigriyans are resilient people. We know how to overcome, challenges and famine. We will overcome this invasion as a united people. Tigray will survive and thrive.

  18. seeing this type of destruction hurts, especially in a country as poor as ours, but stop for a second and ask yourselves who started the war? was the war even necessary? Do a handful of Tegaru have some God given mandate to rule the rest of the country and steal extremely large quantity of money? No matter what you read inside the echo chamber of social media here are few facts to consider. Tigray as a region is very small compared to rest of Ethiopia , There are no natural resources that can be monetized in the short term. Even when the TPLF was dominant power in Ethiopia and the leaders of TPLF were busy enriching themselves more than 10% of the population of Tigray relied on AID for their daily bread. The way forward is to find a way to live peacefully with the Amhara people who are close to the Tigray’s people due to religion and such, find a way to live peacefully with Eritrea and concentrate all our energy trying to rebuild the damaged infrastructure.

  19. The old nation with arrogant leaders was waging war against its own unity, territorial integrity and stability. It was so shameful to invite foreign forces as eritean army to facilitate its long term plan of creating a Tegaru fee nation and Tigray without the natives.
    All warfare types have been employed to speed up the process. The military, economic, psychology, propaganda, information, diplomatic, media, blockade of services including banks, telephone, internet, power, etc.
    mass killings have been perpetrated, food and other basics served as weapons, restrictions imposed, infrastructures including schools, health facilities, hospitals, universities, museums and other heritage sites have been destroyed, industries vandalized and taken abroad. Universities changed to military comps. Their rest parts have been burnt.
    All Tegaru around the country have been subjected to be cleansed. Tens of thousands have been collected to concentration camps without food and water for weeks. Some lost lives. Some disabled. Many are still detainees.
    Now, all of the former commons have been destroyed forever. None of them will come back to the origin. No and never. Ethiopians have tried their best to push us away from not only from their old nation but also from existence.
    Thank God and thank them, all these will bring the bright and independent Tigray.

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